Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let me tell you about myself

I am Mabel Ann. I am about to be famous for writing this blog and for my Facebook page. Be glad that you got to know me before the fame went to my head.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
I didn't always look this magnificent. I really did start out as a puppy. I was born in some little town in south Texas. There are several legends associated with my birth. My Mom #1 says they're not really legends, just that my "breeder" (John Adam Puppy) didn't know how the tell the truth. Mama #2 says it's because John P. had so many puppies he just couldn't remember who was who (I think they are legends; who could forget me?). So, who knows?  I may have been the firstborn (that was John P.'s first story) and was born on his brand new comforter. Then, as a newborn, crawled over and laid across his arm (Miraculous!). Or I may have been born not breathing and had to be helped a little bit (I think he lied on this one. I know I was born absolutely perfect!). Or I was the last one born and was a runt (we all KNOW that story is a LIE). Anyway, I was born 7 seconds before my twin sister, Harley, or maybe Harley was born 7 seconds before me? (John P.'s stories....) Hmm, Harley was probably born first, because I'm pretty sure I was right behind her, pushing her out into the world.

You see, I have to push Harley a lot. She just doesn't do much on her own (more later).
I made all the plans to get us adopted together. That John P. guy thought he could separate us (Seperate twins? No way!). He took pictures of me and put them on a website where Mama #1 saw me and fell in love. When she saw my pictures, she knew I was her Mabel Ann. She called and talked to John P. That was almost a disaster! John P. had some issues. Some really BIG issues, like major OCD---that's obsessive compulsive disorder. I mean he talked and talked and talked and talked and talked. The more he talked, the less Mom #1 talked to him. I was scared he was going to talk her out of adopting me. He told her so many rules and regulations about what she had to do with me; feed her this, don't let anyone else touch her for X months, Dachshunds are very special (she already knew!) and on and on. But Mom hung in there because she really, really wanted me.

So, I was all set to be adopted by my Moms. I just had to wait until John P. said I was old enough to rule my own house. I was so excited! But, I knew Harley had to come with me somehow.
John P., the crazy breeder, named me Miss Foxy. Yuk! What kind of name is that? I'm not a Fox, I'm a Dachshund! And he didn't name Harley at all! I thought that was really rude, naming me Miss Foxy and not naming my twin sister anything! So, we both answered to Miss Foxy. We were always together, especially when John P. took pictures of me to send to my new Moms. (I found out there'd be TWO of them--and no more John P.). Two Moms, two puppies. Perfect. I started to drag Harley into every picture he took to send them. Whenever I could, I put my paw on her.
 My twin, Harley, was going to go with me to my new home. (No one else knew this yet, not even Harley, not even my new Moms). You see, they had to fall in love with Harley and not know it. So in every picture, it was me and Harley.
Oh, gotta go. Forced March time. More later.

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