Sunday, March 31, 2013

We interrupt this story for....another story

Tonight, I had to go on another forced march (Mom calls them "walks").
After what seemed like hours of marching, we finally turned back towards home. As I marched along, I smelled something delicious. I stopped to sniff, but Mom kept on walking. I turned my head to take another whiff, and suddenly, I felt something slimy on my back paw. A nasty, sticky, slimy something.
Well, I stopped dead in my tracks and held my paw up in the air. Mom finally sensed my distress and stopped too. My sisters Maggie and Harley were no help; they just stood there, laughing at me.
Mom stared at me, then she tugged on my paw. She got some of the nasty stuff off, then told me to keep on marching.
Miles later, when we finally arrived at home, I didn't get my usual drink of water, treat and chewy bone. Instead, she sent me straight out to the back porch. Once I stepped out the back door, she trapped me with a head lock and put smelly, gunky stuff on my paw.
Nasty! Almost as nasty as the sticky stuff.
Then, while still in a head lock, she tugged at my paw. I glared at her, but she kept on tugging at my paw.
Finally, she let me go and I took off running. Free at last! And the nasty, sticky, slimy something was gone! And so was the smelly, gunky stuff!
Mom wanted me to stop and pose for photos, but I told her where to stick it. She is on my hit list tonight. She's no longer Mama #1; tonight, she is Mama #5012.
No more forced marches for me! I learned my lesson; there are nasty sticky things out there!

(NOTE from Mama #5012: Mabel stepped in chewing gum. I removed it with peanut butter. Yes, Mabel will go on another walk tomorrow. I'll bet she avoids stepping in chewing gum from now on).

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  1. I got gum stuck in my hair in 2nd grade and you guessed it! My mother had to come up there with a jar of peanut butter!!