Wednesday, April 3, 2013

About my Marching....

 Here I am at one of my favorite marching destinations. 
Lots of smells--birds, people dogs, treats...stuff to watch. The birds mostly walk or swim around, but at least  once each evening, first one bird, then two, three, four, then about a thousand birds suddenly start shrieking and then, with a loud rushing of wings, they take off to fly over the neighborhood to mark everyone's car. (I learned that from Mama #2---beware of birds flying overhead).
Anyway, when they start to fly off and more and more birds join, it's so amazing to watch how they put themselves in order to fly away. I really like watching them. Don't tell Mom that I like to watch them; she'd make me march there every night. It's a very long march. and, may I be perfectly honest? I really do like sniffing and looking at stuff when we march. I just hate having to march so fast and not be able to stop and sniff everything I want to sniff as long as I want to sniff it.
Arriving home is my favorite part of the march. Ahhh! Chewy bone!

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