Sunday, April 14, 2013

Millie, the evil cat

This is Millie, my evil cat sister.
She used to treat me like I was her kitten. She licked me (like a cat-bath), swatted me when I was wrong, and curled up to keep me warm while I slept. I thought she was nice.
Now, I think she was licking just tasting me. When I do something she doesn't like, she still swats me. She uses just a little "claw" to make sure I do what she wants. And now, she lays on TOP of me or tries to push me out of my warm bed.
She tries to CRUSH me!
She's mean to my other cat sister, Sam. She chases her all the time.
AND, she sometimes EATS MY FOOD!

She is such an evil cat.....

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