Friday, April 19, 2013

This Can't be Happening.....

Something is terribly wrong with my life. First, it was forced marches. Then, it was the starvation diet. Next, Mama # 4598 found my secret stash of pecans and sticks. Now, I overheard that the Mamas are leaving for the weekend and My Martha is out of town! What will happen to me? Who will feed me? Is this part 2 of the starvation diet?!
Someone needs to fix this RIGHT NOW! The Diva cannot be left alone. And, if someone doesn't rescue me, Harley will go NUTS without a Mama or My Martha here! I've not spoken about Harley's condition here because, well, she's my twin and I don't want anyone to think that I have horrible anxiety like Harley. You know, sometimes one twin is cursed with all the emotional problems. In this set of twins, well it's not me who's cursed.
If we're left alone, Harley will bark herself to death. She hears noises that neither Maggie or I can hear (Or at least that's what My Martha says---"Harley has very good hearing") and she goes NUTS! She barks. And Barks. And Barks! It seems like her barker would break, but it doesn't. It works just fine, even at midnight. And at 4am.
If the Mamas are gone, I won't get any sleep tonight. Maggie will blame us both for Harley's barking. She will growl at us both. (She thinks she's so tough and in charge!). And my beloved twin sister will BARK all night!

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