Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear City Street Department...

Dear City Street Department,
Pay attention! This is Mabel the Diva talking to you. Yes, THAT Mabel. The famous blogging Mabel.
Since you've been reading my blog (Everyone reads my blog), you know that I hate marching in the streets (my sisters love it and call it "walking," but I am forced to do it, so I call it MARCHING!).
What did you do to the streets? They are oily and smelly and nasty!
Harley and I examining the smelly, sticky road. I'm on the left, just in case you can't tell us apart.
Maggie, Harley and I heard you making lots of noise yesterday afternoon on the streets around our home (Yes, Harley did bark). Then, came the smell. The horrible, awful, tarry, oily smell. Since we were locked up in our yard, we couldn't see much. Fia, the dog next door watched you and gave us updates, "They're making a big mess, a big mess, a big mess!"
When it came time for my evening forced march, I bravely held my breath and stepped outside. I didn't know what to expect. Whew! What a stink!
Here I am, standing on the oily, gunky, smelly mess on the road.
You (The Street Department) treated all the streets in my walking area this past week. Mama #2 has done her best to avoid making us walk on them, but tonight, all the streets around our house had just been treated. The only way to avoid them would be to stay at home. And you know Mama #2; she loves making me march far to much to let me stay home, snoozing under my favorite blanket on the couch. 
Me and Harley, bravely marching down the smelly, nasty road. (Harley's my twin sister. In case you can't tell us apart, she's the smaller one, on the right).

So, Wicked Street Department, you've done your dirty work. Get out of my neighborhood with your nasty, smelly stuff and quit messing with my marching route!
Did I scare you? Good. This Diva is looking for ways to get her revenge......evil Diva chuckle....

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  1. Great letter Mabel! That ought to cause some fear in the City offices! I hope they're going to clean that mess up!!