Thursday, May 9, 2013

Harley the Brave

Harley, my twin sister

One sunny day last summer, Harley and I were exploring our yard. Maggie was sleeping in the other room (she likes her privacy) and the Mamas were out for the day. 
Harley and I were having a great day. We chased each other. We dug a few holes in the ground, ate a few (well, I may have eaten a pound or two) pecans. We lay in the warm sunshine and soaked up some rays, snoozing in the sun. It was a really nice day.
Suddenly, Harley started barking. I was sound asleep, so I slowly woke up as she began to bark more frantically. "Harley, what's wrong?" I asked her.
"Gotta get rid of this thing," Harley growled back at me. I lazily looked over my shoulder at her, and she was jumping at this big, long black thing. She'd bark, then leap, grab it, shake it, and jump back. 
This Diva decided to move to the porch to watch.
Harley continued to bark, leap, and shake. I could see pieces of the long, black thing start to spread over our part of the yard.
Harley was really going kinda crazy with all her barking, shaking, and jumping, so I went inside to my den to get some peace and quiet.
Then, Maggie started barking from the other room. "Great," I thought, I'll never get any sleep this morning." "Harley! What's going on?" Maggie barked.
Then I heard the Mama come in the front door. Maggie greeted her with a loud round of barking, saying, "Hurry! Hurry! We have to check on the pups! Harley's after something?"
I heard the door to our room open as the Mama and Maggie ran in. They kinda scared me, so I just watched. "Why were they hurrying so fast to get outside?" I wondered.
I watched Maggie leap off the porch and rush over to Harley, who continued to bark, jump and shake that long, black thing. She ran to Harley, looked at what she was doing, snickered and walked away. The Mama jumped off the porch and ran to Harley.
The Mama looked at Harley, and looked at the black thing, which was now in many small pieces. Harley stopped her barking and jumping and looked up at the Mama for approval.
Well, she didn't get anyone's approval or thanks. Harley had just destroyed the garden hose! (I'm so glad the Mama's can tell us apart. I'd hate to get blamed for something my twin sister did!).
  This is me, Mabel. The top picture is Harley, my twin (in case you can't tell us apart; we're identical twins, you know)

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  1. I have to say that I'm VERY IMPRESSED with Harley, even if no one else was. I've never known anyone besides Harley who has killed a garden hose, and you really can't be too careful! Harley takes her body guard duties seriously. Way to go, Harley!