Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello from your Diva! I'm sorry I haven't blogged lately, but Mama # 714 has been hogging the computer lately. I don't understand what her fascination is with the thing, but she sits and stares at it for hours! And I do mean hours!
Anyway, here I am! Just got in from this evening's walk---I mean, Forced March. I hate to admit it, but I have been enjoying my marching lately. Mama # 714 says it's because I've lost some weight and it makes marching easier. Hmph! I don't think so! (Then again, maybe she does have a point; I do feel like it is easier to march long, long distances...).
Speaking of marches, tonight, a big, white mongrel followed us for a couple of blocks. He didn't actually approach me, so I think my bodyguards, Maggie and Harley, scared him off. No assassination attempt on your Diva tonight!
Harley is still having some anxiety issues on the marches. I don't understand why she gets so upset, so I just ignore her and keep on marching. I hope no one sees us and thinks it's me that is whining and barking! 
Good News! I have finally convinced Mama #1b (I just promoted her because I like how she is treating me!) to let us stay out in the house when she leaves in the morning! Instead of being locked up in the back room (with outdoor access!), we are now locked in the back part of the house and can sleep on the beds all morning if we want to!! Hurray! I feel trusted! Mama #1b finally recognized that we can handle it!
Now, if we can just get her to leave the chewy sticks out...or take down the gate to the cat's room....

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