Friday, May 3, 2013

I Want to Clear up a Bad Impression.....

I want to address the rumor that many people (who never met me or Harley) seem to think that I am mean to my twin sister, Harley. 
I don't know how anyone could get that impression.
Harley and I are very close; most people can only tell us apart because Harley is a little smaller than me. 
Harley is a very loving and giving sister. She constantly shares her food, toys, and fleecy sleeping blanket with me. Sometimes, she even insists that I help myself to her food, chewy bone, or rawhide. Harley would give me anything she possesses. She's just that kind of sister.
We share food bowls and still sleep at night with at least one paw touching.
We love to play together. I chase her, she chases me. Sometimes we may play a little rough, but what sisters haven't played hard together?

When I say I jump on Harley out of excitement, or to help me think, or to feel better, I mean it. I do jump on her frequently, but she jumps on me too.
I know I've said stuff like, I took her ______ ; Harley didn't mind. It's true! She never minds when I take her stuff. In fact, she'd give it to me if I asked! She loves me that much!
Glad we got this subject cleared up.
Here I am, jumping on Harley. (She's the one on the bottom). See? She doesn't mind!

Here we are laying together. Don't we both look comfortable and happy?
(Harley's the one on the bottom. She really likes letting me lay on top of her!)


  1. I always know what you REALLY mean, Mabel...maybe that's because I've known you and Harley for..well...forever!

  2. P.S. Love the pictures!!! What beauties you are!!!