Sunday, May 26, 2013

Long, eventful week

Your Diva is keeping an eye on everything.

It's been a very long week for your Mabel Ann. Many, many things are going on here. Some, I don't understand, so let me start with one event that I do understand.
Mama #2 is in trouble with my sister Maggie. Deep trouble. I mean, Maggie is ready to disown her and leave her end of the couch forever.
Now, Maggie and Mama #2 have always been tight. Mama #2 brought home Maggie years ago after the Ancestral (and possibly mythical - because she was so perfect) Brown Soul, Allie, passed away unexpectedly. Maggie was not readily accepted by Mama #1, because she loved the Ancestral Brown Soul Allie so much. Maggie became very, very attached to Mama #2.
Mama #2 took Maggie for long walks - just the two of them. She played with Maggie and let her go out in the front yard and the alley when she worked on the yard. When Mama #2 felt sick, Maggie was there, nursing her back to health. Mama #1 slowly fell in love with Maggie and now they are tight too.
Then Harley and I came and, well, Maggie and I have been trying to sort out who is No. 1 Dog in this house. Personally, I just want to be in charge of myself and Harley. Maggie can do as she pleases, as long as it doesn't interfere with what I want. No problem, right? Maggie is just in charge of herself and in staying out of my (and Harley's) way.
That brings us to the present.
Yesterday, Mama #2 gave us some rawhide. They are wonderful, tasty, fantastic and large, rawhides. I got mine, hid it, and took Harley's. Maggie took hers to her special chewing spot on the floor. Harley and I got on the couch and laid out, covering the entire middle part. It's not that we are trying to keep Maggie off the couch, it's just that we are taking up the entire couch (except for Mama #1 and Mama #2's spot).
Maggie chewed, laying on the floor, for while with her back to us. After awhile, she disappeared, then came back with MY HIDDEN RAWHIDE! She kinda smirked at me and then jumped on Mama #1's lap. I growled at her (because she had MY rawhide!). Maggie growled back. Harley quickly disappeared.
Now, we can't do much growling on the couch because the Mama's don't tolerate it and we get into bad, bad trouble for doing it.
So, this had to end quickly. I lunged for my rawhide while snarling a bit and Maggie growled, "I found it, it's mine."
What happened next is kind of a blur, it happened so quickly. Mama #2 grabbed me and pulled me away from BOTH of my rawhides! Maggie jumped on both of my rawhides and again growled. Mama #2 told her "no growling," but Maggie continued to growl and got in my face, saying, "gotcha!" Mama #2 didn't understand this was just between Maggie and me, so she squirted Maggie with water! She hit her with a stream of water right in the middle of her ear! As the water ran down her big, beautiful, black, floppy ear, Maggie looked horrified and terribly hurt that her favorite Mama would fire on her like that. Mortally  & emotionally wounded, Maggie sought the comfort of Mama #1. 
I was shocked. I thought Mama #2 would just separate us; I never expected her to shoot Maggie. I gazed over at poor Maggie, huddled in Mama #1's arms. I watched Mama #1 gently wipe the dripping water off of Maggie's ear. Maggie looked so hurt as she gazed at Mama #2, that she didn't even give me the stink eye as I grabbed all 3 rawhides. 
Maggie then averted her eyes so she didn't have to look at Mama #2 ----now Mama  #nothing.
I've stayed close to Mama #2 ever since. I know her heart must be broken after shooting Maggie. Maggie has disowned her; she acts as if she doesn't exist, Mama #nonexistent. 
I won the battle to be top dog, but I feel like I've lost the war and a friend. The rawhide wasn't worth it.
The Diva has to find a way to make this better. Mama #nothing picked up Maggie to talk to her this afternoon, and Maggie couldn't get away fast enough. She's got her back turned on Mama #nothing/nonexistent.
There's more that's happened this week, but this is the most important. I'll update you as this acute situation continues.
Maggie turning her back on Mama #Nothing

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  1. Dear Mabel,
    Forced march Mama SHOT Maggie??!!!??
    Pack your bags! Yall are coming to live with me!!
    Aunt Martha