Saturday, May 18, 2013

Marching in the Rain....

Last night, I went on another forced march. Although I hate marching in general, it's not been bad lately because the weather is been nice. When the evening is too hot to march, Mama #2 waits until the sun sets to take us out. So it's cool and breezy while we march.
Last night, we marched to one of my favorite places: the duck pond. Usually, we just stand and look at the ducks for a minute, but this time we actually walked along side of the pond. Mama #2 let us admire the smells and watch the ducks. We were all very well behaved, because we don't get to do this very often.
This is my favorite pond
As you can see, it was a very pretty evening. We marched around the lake and were just getting ready to leave the area when,
Now, who besides a gadget freak, takes a picture right after they are hit with a wall of water? I rest my case, Mama #2 is a total gadget freak!
I was blindsided by a wall of water! This black thing crept up out of the ground and sprayed water all over your Diva!
Mama #2 got soaking wet too. So did Maggie, but Harley jumped out of the way.
(Evil Diva laugh...)
Anyway, for a moment, it was almost funny watching Mama #2 try to find a way out of the park without getting even wetter! Everywhere we turned, a new sprinkler popped up out of the ground and started spraying water.
Mama #2 thought we could walk past the sprinklers by cutting through a field (it had stickers!!) to get back to the road. I stopped and held up my paw and refused to walk. Harley and Maggie immediately held up theirs too, when they realized I was protesting (Doxie solidarity!). Mama never found any stickers in our paws, but she got the message, we weren't marching through that field! We wound up running through a ditch, and Mama #2 tried to time our running between hits of the sprinklers.
Because of this crisis, we were gone marching a very long time, and Mama #2 had to call Mama #1 and let her know we were OK. Mama #1 offered to drive and pick us up (YES!), but Mama #425 (number drop!) told her we were fine (speak for yourself, Mama #425!).
It was a warm, breezy night and we were dry by the time we got home. 
Like I said, I don't mind marching much these days. I especially enjoy it when Mama #2 gets in trouble, 'cuz it doesn't happen very often!

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  1. I didn't know if yall could get or not...since you're made out of sugar! You're all so sweet, I thought you might melt!!