Thursday, May 2, 2013

Neighborhood Excitement!

Something happened in the Neighborhood yesterday. It was so exciting. I can't begin to tell you all about it, so let me interview some witnesses.
Diva: Mama #1b, tell me what happened.
Mama #1b When I came home for lunch, I noticed many police cars on the street by the house next door. I asked an officer who walked down our alley what was going on. He replied, "Did you see anyone running?" I hadn't, .....
Diva: Get to the point already!
Mama #1b: The bank behind our house was robbed and an armed gunman is loose in our neighborhood.
Diva: (OMG!) 
Diva: Maggie, can you tell me what you saw? 
Maggie: I saw you and Harley huddling in your den, scared out of your wits while I bravely watched everything from behind the big tree in the back yard.
Diva: (Sigh!) Let me ask my good friend, Fia, who lives next door. Fia, tell me what you saw.

Fia: It was so exiting! I ran and ran and ran and ran and barked and barked and barked! I told the officer that I saw a person running! They wouldn't listen! I barked that he ran that way! That way! He ran that way! 
Diva: which way?
Fia: That way! Past the loud, nasty dog across the street and past the yap-yaps who live with the cactus, then down past the Dobermans. I heard exactly where he went! 
Diva: Did they catch him?
Fia: No! The officer wouldn't listen to me. The Big Police Dog ran by and didn't even ask me what I saw!
Diva: Harley, tell me about what you saw. 
Harley: I saw lots and lots and lots of people. Then, Mama #1b came home and held me. Then, it got very noisy and this huge, loud bird thing kept flying around the house. And I barked and barked and barked and....
Diva: Harley, calm down dear. Tell them about the police dogs....
Harley: the police had these big dogs. I barked at them and told them to stay away from our house 'cuz Maggie wouldn't like it if they came in our yard. It worked! The Big Dogs went the other way. I heard the yap-yaps yapping at them. Then the Dobies tried to tell them what they saw, but the big dogs kept saying, "just the facts, ma'am, just the facts."
Diva: Well, this diva was watching all the action from our back porch. I saw a person run down the alley long before anyone else came by. I saw cars and cars of people arrive, and some stood in front of cameras and talked. Lots of people, lots of excitement. Mama #1b stayed home a little longer than usual for lunch and I would have cuddled beside her, but Harley was already there! So I just laid on top of her! (Harley didn't mind).
So there you have it! Armed robbers, Police Dogs, and Big flying birds! All in the Diva's Neighborhood!

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  1. Mama #1a called me at work and told me some of this, THANK GOODNESS...I would have died if I'd just read this without talking to you 1st!
    Were any of those police dogs good looking??
    I'm pretty sure they're all single...I think that's a rule or something. Anyway, I was wondering if you and Maggie and Harley got phone #'s or had dates planned or anything.
    Cause I've seen those police dogs...and I sure do think they're good looking!!! I'm know they all thought you 3 were gorgeous...did you tell them that YOU were single too????

    You know me...all this excitement going on and all I can think about are the boys!