Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rough Day/Night

Your Diva is sorry to report that Harley and I almost died last night.
All we know is that, sometime close to 6:30pm, Harley and I began to throw up. Yes, gross as it must sound, we were very, very sick.
Mama's #1 & #1b arrived home just as we thought we both might die. Mama #1b cleaned up where we'd been sick and Mama #1 examined us closely. (She has medical training, you know). 
Mama #1 decided that, after gazing into our eyes and mouths, running her hands all over us, and putting her ear on us, that we should be monitored closely for the next 30 minutes. If we didn't continue to get better, then we'd have to go to the doctor.
Mama #1b went out and walked all around the backyard, as if she were looking for something. I guess she didn't find what she was looking for, because she came in and questioned me about what I'd done that afternoon (I didn't tell her).
Harley passed out under a blanket by Mama #1, and I cuddled with Mama #1b. She kept a hand on me and I very slowly started to feel better. I almost did what I always do when I feel good: jump on Harley. But poor Harley still looked pretty pale, so I restrained myself.
After spending the evening acting like she might die, Harley slowly started feeling more like herself. By the time Mama #1 went to bed,  She was outside barking. Barking is one of her most favorite things to do, so I knew she was feeling better.
Why did we get sick? Well, we know, but we're not telling. We just never plan to do it again. Now, if we can just make Maggie keep her mouth shut...

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  1. OMG!!! Not one of you called to tell me about this emergency!!! Tell mama 1a & 1b I'll be having words with them about this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so relieved you're both feeling top notch again.

    It still makes me nervous, though.