Saturday, June 29, 2013


This is Mabel, your favorite Diva.
I have been abandoned by both my Mamas. They departed yesterday morning and have not been seen since.
They spent the entire day before they disappeared putting clothes, etc. into boxes with wheels ("suitcases"). Of course, Mama #2 found time to drag me on a forced march (in the dark of night!) the night before they disappeared.
We knew they were gone when My Martha came to the house. My Martha moves in when the Mamas are going to be gone for awhile.
My Martha is a very special person to us and we really like having her with us. She promised to feed and give us treats on schedule.
AND (!!!!!) My Martha does not believe in forced marches! She sits outside with us and watches us play and talks to us. Then, we watch TV or sleep.
I miss my Mamas, but I deserve a vacation too. My Martha is here so I can go on vacation.
I'd tell you more about what we're doing, but Mama #2 might see it and I'd get My Martha in trouble. Let me just say, we're having loads of fun and eating well.
Harley (my twin sister) and I, getting in some much needed rest.
In case you can't tell us apart (we're identical twins!) I'm the one on the bottom.

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