Friday, June 21, 2013

Mabel, your favorite Diva here

Mabel, your favorite Diva here, with an update on life.
I am #1 Pup again. 
Yes, I am #1 and I feel the tide turning my way. I have taken over the #1 couch position with little opposition. I now eat out of the #1 food bowl and everyone considers the dog den my territory.
How does it feel to be #1?
I also now am required to sleep in the guard position at the top of the stairs to the bed at night. I allow access to the bed only to the worthy. Maggie now sleeps in the other room. 
My other great wish: no forced marches! And for 2 evenings in a row now, my evening nap has not been disrupted by a mid-evening forced march! (Well, it did rain the first night and the second evening it was so dusty I couldn't see my back end when I went outside for a minute...). We've never gone for 2 days/nights in a row without marching!
(It's very odd; I almost miss marching...)
Now, if I could just make more food appear in my bowl, life would be perfect!
Slumber all day.
Snooze all evening.
Sleep all night.
Eat whenever I want.
And, have my twin sister Harley beside me. 
What else could I want?
Life is good.
Being #1 Pup is serious business. This is my serious face.

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  1. What else could you want??
    How about:
    A week long vacation slumber party with Aunt Martha??