Sunday, June 2, 2013

Maggie is Top Dog again. Drat!

Your Diva has fallen from power.
How could such a horrible thing happen?
The last time I posted, Maggie had been shot (with water) by Mama #2. I boldly stepped up to take over the #1 Pup position.
I enjoyed the sweet life of #1 for a brief time. I was a great leader, but Maggie did not like serving under me. She was quietly waiting for her chance to regain the title of #1 Pup.
Then it happened.
It was so innocent.
I was carefully wandering through my living room, when I spied a big wonderful rawhide.
Yes, it was THAT rawhide. The one Maggie and I fought over last week. The one Maggie was shot over. The one that caused Mama #2 to drop down to Mama #Nonexistent.
I don't know what I was thinking -- actually, I do know what I was thinking, "there's that big wonderful rawhide and NO ONE else is around to snatch it!"
So I did. Snatch it, that is.
I was wrong.
I wasn't alone.
My dear big sister was somewhere, watching.
Before I knew what hit me, I'd been broadsided. Suddenly, I was on my side with Maggie laying on top on me, snarling, "What do you think you're doing?"
Harley jumped on me too, but just to see what was going on.
Mama #1 yelled louder that I think I've ever heard her yell. She didn't understand that Maggie was taunting me, not killing me.
Mama #2 grabbed Maggie and took her away. Mama #1 picked me up and snuggled me.
I'm no fool, "I can really play this!" I thought, while imagining the Mama giving me new, big rawhides, delicious canned dog food and, maybe even table scraps! Oh, my life just got a little sweeter.

Anyway, I played it. I moped. I kept my head down. I averted my eyes. I sighed. Alot. Mama #1 ate it up. Maggie just laid across the room and watched me, the Master Diva at work.
When Mama #2 came home a few hours later, I had Mama #1 completely wrapped around my paws. I laid it on thick again; I moped, I did the big, puppy eye thing.
I don't know what happened next. I guess Mama #2 doesn't fall under my spell as easily as Mama #1. All I know is things began to fall apart.
Maggie and Mama #2 have always been tight. Maggie immediately appealed to her as soon as she walked in the door. Maggie did every "cute" thing she could think of, even the "cute" stuff that she normally would not be caught dead doing. Before I even realized what was happening, Maggie was in charge again. "All is forgiven," Maggie laughed.
Well, all is forgiven for her. Maggie now has it out for me. I lived the sweet, #1 Puppy life for an entire half-day before Maggie seized control again.
Maggie trying to be cute. Disgusting!

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  1. Dear Mabel Ann,
    Does Harley want to try being "top pup" or are you and Maggie just going to take turns?

    Aunt Martha