Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Cat sister, Agnes, gets hit in the head....

My cat sister, Agnes, Looking rather disheveled.
Being the gracious sister, I've waited to tell this story about Agnes until I was sure she was OK. Now that she is back to normal, I can tell all.
Remember the big, loud storm I wrote about last time? The one where something shot white marbles at my home, and put the lights out and the wind blew 80 mph?
Well, my cat sister Agnes, all 6 pounds of her, was stuck outside during the storm.
Yes, she is the wild one who likes to stay outside in all kinds of weather and hunt.She stays so skinny because she only likes to eat what she catches.
I guess she's not a very good hunter. (or why would she be so skinny?).
Anyway, Mama #2 called and called for her before the storm started, but she wouldn't come home.
Mama #2 worried about her. After all, she's come home before, soaking wet, after running for blocks through the rain. She roams all over the neighborhood. Have you read any of those articles about putting a GPS on a cat? They travel! Agnes would follow us for miles on our forced marches if Mama #2 would let her!
So, Agnes was missing all through the storm. Mama #2 started calling her again after the shooting, pounding marbles stopped. We waited. And waited. And waited. Suddenly, Agnes appeared in the back room. She was soaked; absolutely dripping wet.
Mama #2 tried to dry her off, but Agnes would have none of it. She escaped Mama's towel and just crouched on the floor, staring off into space. 
Mama #2 tried to hold her, but she ran. She looked kinda wild eyed and disheveled. I was even worried about her. I mean, if she wasn't OK, who would I chase? (Besides my cat sisters, Millie and Sam...).
Agnes stayed disheveled. She just crouched and stared. She wandered the house for two days just blankly staring off into space. Mama #2 was about to take her to the doc, especially after finding her eating cat food twice. (Agnes only eats what she catches. She never eats cat food!).
On day 3, after Mama #2 called Agnes' doctor, Agnes started to get back to normal.She went outside again, but stayed close to home. She never even left the yard.
Mama #2 tried to hold her. Usually, Agnes will cuddle and purr. For 2 long days (and nights) Agnes just sat (or crouched) and stared off into space. She would not purr. And she is a purr-a-holic. Usually, she purrs any time Mama #2 even looks at her. For 2 days after the storm, she wouldn't purr at all.
Today, she left before dawn and went back to her hunting grounds. "Good," I thought, "all is well with Agnes." 
But tonight, during our forced march, Mama #2 had marched us back to the house when, suddenly, she turned and marched us in front of the business's behind our house. I like marching there; there are food places with lots of great smells and once in a while, a bit of food to snatch off the ground.
So we marched through the parking lot. I noticed lots of people standing outside the buildings and pointing. I thought, "they are so happy and thrilled; they are watching a famous internet personality (me!)." 
Then I stopped dead in my tracks (that's an expression; I really wasn't dead). Mama #2 turned and saw a skinny little gray cat running after us and dashing through the crowds of people. It was her they were pointing at and talking about --- not me, not the world famous internet personality!
Now, is that fair? How does a scrawny little disheveled cat get that kind of attention? But she did! Everyone was pointing at her and talking. One female even wanted to pick her up and take her home!
Mama #2 told everyone, "that's my cat. That's Agnes." And people were amazed! They weren't amazed at how Maggie, Harley and I marched along in perfect step, but they were amazed at a skinny little gray cat because she was following us. I will never understand humans!
Mama #2 stopped and a stranger petted us, but all she talked about was how "that amazing little cat followed us." She even asked how Mama #2 taught her how to do that.
As if you could teach a cat anything!
Mama #2 marched us back home and kept calling Agnes to make sure she was following us. Because, I cannot lie, Agnes really thought about staying and hanging out at the restaurant on the corner. She once told me that she likes their french fries.(I guess she hunts and catches them).
She dashed through the outside eating place and just about scared this guy out of his chair. Now, me and my well behaved sisters would never do that---but we might try the french fries if someone offered us any.
As we turned the corner to home, we found the Evil Cat Millie lurking behind a fence. I told her she didn't have to ever come home again, but she still followed us home. 
Did I mention that she is actually Agnes' Mother? 
Maybe she thought Agnes was still acting strangely after getting hit in the head by all those marbles during the storm.
Anyway, Agnes is OK. She purred for about 10 seconds tonight, and Mama #2 was disgustingly happy to hear her finally purr again. 
Agnes knows how to work it! 
I know she's OK since she's traveling and hunting again--even if it's just french fries she's hunting. If I find her staring off into space and looking disheveled again, I'll know that she is really OK.
She just may be dreaming of french fries.
Maybe she'll come in next time before the storm begins. Tonight, it thundered once or twice. Agnes appeared inside instantly.
Agnes thinking about going over the fence

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