Saturday, July 20, 2013

Harley's Horrible March

Here I am with my identical twin sister Harley. She's the one on the lright (in case you can't tell us apart)
While I am recovering from my illness, Harley has to go on our daily forced marches by herself. 
She always makes a fool of herself by whining, barking and jumping around when she thinks it's time to go marching. I don't understand why she likes it so much, especially after her horrible experiences several nights ago.
Let me tell you about it. 
The weather has been nice the past few days. It's been in the 80's, so it is nice marching weather. Mama #2 has been making us do our forced marches separately in the evenings (horribly cruel of her!), so Harley has to be brave as she marches along.
Last night, she went to the park with Mama #2. All of us love the park. We don't go very often because it stresses Harley out to be around lots of noise and people and dogs she doesn't know. She reacts by barking and whining (if she wasn't my sister, I'd be embarrassed by her behaviors).
Our Park
Anyway, she was bravely marching along in the park, just her and Mama #2, when she spotted an assassin dog ---- you know, the kind of dog that you know is going to run up to you and try to kill you. 
This big, shaggy dog was on a very l-o-n-g leash and his Mama wasn't paying much attention to him. He ran this way and that way and she just kept tapping on her cell phone. Suddenly, he spotted Harley and began to run towards her. Harley stopped dead (she wasn't really dead, it's just an expression) in her tracks, waiting for the death blow to arrive. The dog hit the end of his leash and dragged his Mama (and her cell phone) several feet before he stopped. Harley said the assassin was millimeters from her face.
Mama #2 took my dear sister out of the park at once. The fastest way was down an alley. Harley was so glad to get away from the dog assassin, she didn't mind walking in the alley. But, just as they exited the alley, another dog assassin, a Rat Terrier (note how closely the word resembles, "Terror.") blindsided her. I mean, that Terror tackled her!
Harley was shaken. She really was shaking, she was so scared. The terrier was followed closely by a young girl, who simply told Harley, "sorry," grabbed the terror and walked away. 
Mama #2 had to do some major Harley calming before they resumed their march.
As they approached home, Harley noticed a big RV pulling into a driveway. As she marched, she watched two little boys run out of the RV and start doing cartwheels and other acrobatics in front of the RV. (Perhaps it was a circus RV?). 
Harley stared at the boys and so did Mama #2. The boys ran and somersaulted and did other amazing things. Harley was just astounded as she watched and they walked closer to the RV.
She missed it. 
She didn't see the Cocker Spaniel jump out of the RV. Mama #2 did see it and tried to pull Harley away, but it was too late. As the Spaniel approached, Harley saw the Spaniel and quickly took action. After two recent attempts on her life, she knew exactly what to do;
She rolled over on her back and said,
"take me now.
Just get it over with."
This is your Diva demonstrating how Harley hit the ground and said, "take me now."

The Spaniel just looked at Harley, then looked at Mama #2. Harley remembers the Spaniel saying something like, "I only wanted to say hello, let's be friends." Then the Spaniel shook her head and walked away.
Poor Harley. Two assassination attempts and a lost friendship. All in one walk.

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