Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm happy to report I am feeling much better...

Your Diva as a young dog
Hello from Mabel your favorite Diva.
It's been a horrible few days.
Your Diva was sick and almost died.
Yes, I was very sick. I won't say exactly what the problem was (even a Diva needs privacy), but I know it almost killed me.
I tried to tell my Mamas that I was sick. I guess I am just so healthy that they couldn't believe I might be sick.
Last night, I pulled out all the stops. I moped all evening and when it came time to go marching, I refused. I ran the other way and crawled under a blanket. Mama #2 said, "I don't think Mabel is feeling well." Well, duh!
Next, I did something out of total desperation. I won't say exactly what I did, but Mama #2 had to do laundry at 2am. (evil chuckle). That clinched it, she called my doctor first thing this morning and, by 10am, relief was in sight.
After a VERY thorough exam, I had a diagnosis and future cure in my Mama's hands. I even stood very still for my shot. Aren't I a good Diva? (my doctor did not make any rude comments about my weight, so I must be close to my ideal size).
Once we arrived home, I couldn't wait to get back on my couch under my blankets. When Mama #2 stopped the car, I tried to jump out but she wouldn't let me. I had to wait while she slowly gathered her stuff (and my miraculous cure!). It was agonizing waiting on her.
Once inside, I jumped on Harley (Harley doesn't mind and it make me feel better). I told Harley everything, including that she was almost a twinless twin (I almost died, really). She was horrified. I don't know how she'd survive without me. 
Now, I have to eat a special food that actually tastes pretty good (to Maggie and Harley, not me). And, this is exciting news! I have to eat special treats two times a day. 
I'm happy to report that the Mamas are paying dearly for ignoring my illness. They have to love, hold and pet me for hours while I recover.
Serves them right.
And, no forced marches for at least 3 days! There really is a good side to this....
Love to all my loyal fans,

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