Friday, July 5, 2013

Where are our Mamas?

Has anyone seen my Mamas?
It's day 7 and our Mamas are still missing.
They deserted us early one morning and have not been seen since. My Martha is staying with us and is absolutely wonderful, but we wonder where our Mamas are.
Yesterday, Maggie and I took matters into our own paws.
Yes, we left our comfy, cozy back yard and began to search.
Harley stayed behind to keep an eye on the house. It is a vicious rumor that Harley refused to leave with us and, instead, hid in the old well house.
We had to wait for our perfect chance to go. My Martha doesn't believe in forced marches, so we haven't been out of our yard since the Mamas left.
Maggie sniffed around the gate and discovered it wasn't shutting right. Under the right circumstances, we could push it open.
My Martha left around midday, and Maggie and I pushed into action and the gate swung open. We strolled into the front yard.
Maggie wanted to leave the yard, but I convinced her to stay and watch with me. Surely we could spot Mama #2 marching through the neighborhood (if we just waited long enough). I mean, it's her favorite thing to do, so I know she's out there, somewhere, marching without me.
We sat under the trees in the front yard. My beautiful brown fur blends into the shadows, but Maggie's black & tan really stands out. We were busted.
Our neighbors, the ones who let our evil cat sister Millie hang out at their house, came right over when they saw us. They made us march back into our yard, found Harley in the well-house and ratted us out to My Martha. 
My Martha was horrified that we broke free of our yard. She did not understand we were not just sitting under the trees looking cool; we really were looking for our Mamas.
Then, My Martha ratted us out to Mama #2 when she called to check in. 
We are in trouble.
I still want my Mamas home, I'm afraid I'm
in big trouble,
Harley tells me she is now #1 Pup since she is the only one who didn't leave home. 
Mamas, if you are reading this, please come home. 
I miss you.
(How do you file a missing Mama report?)
Maggie is losing hope that the Mamas will ever come home again.

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