Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Twin Sister, Harley....

This is me, Mabel, not my twin sister, Harley (just in case you can't tell us apart).
Oh, it has been a very long day today!
Remember when I wrote about the white marbles that fell from the sky (Hail, I think it's called)? The stuff that bonked my sister cat, Agnes, so hard in the head that she just sat and stared off into space for a week or so?
Well, it hit the houses around here pretty hard too. At least, that's what Mama #2 told me today after the noise started.
Yes, the noise. I don't know what else to call it. There are strange men hanging around on the roof next door. They are scraping stuff off the roof and tossing it off the house. They are unrolling this black stuff on the roof, then pounding, pounding, pounding and pounding some more on the roof.
Harley is hysterical.
You know that I don't like to say bad things about my sister (My identical twin sister! So you know she's beautiful!). BUT, she does have these anxiety issues. And all that pounding, pounding, pounding is making her nervous. And when she's nervous, she barks. And barks. And barks!
So, she's been barking since early morning.The strangers arrived soon after the Mamas had left for the day. Maggie, my super smart big sister, had talked Mama #2 into letting her sleep on the couch in the TV room this morning. So, I was left alone with my barking sister. 
I tried to calm her. I jumped on her. I chased her. I even bit her tail! (That's a little embarrassing to admit, but I was desperate!). 
Finally, I dug up one of my favorite rawhides to give to her. It didn't help.
I thought she'd pass out, from lack of breathing (It's hard to breathe when you are barking so much!). I'm surprised her barker didn't break! (Personally, I prefer not to bark unless absolutely necessary -- and I find it is rarely necessary).
When Mama #2 came home mid-day to eat, she found poor Harley barking away. She picked her up. She held her close. She wrapped her up in her special "thundercoat" and covered her up with a blanket. Harley calmed down.
I was able to snooze for almost an hour before Mama #2 left again. I hoped she might stay home the rest of the day to keep my dear sister calm -- and to let me continue to snooze. But NO! She had to leave. BUT, she did make my older sister Maggie stay in the special pup room with us.
Harley barked. And barked. And Barked some more.
Finally, she took her rawhide and curled up in a corner and passed out. I went over to her and curled up around her and took her rawhide (Harley didn't mind, she was asleep. Besides, I gave it to her, so I can take it back if I want to).
The Mamas came home and Harley was OK last night. I dread tomorrow.

I wonder if My Martha can come and stay with us? Harley could curl up on her lap and they could snooze together and I could get some peace and quiet! (and I wouldn't miss my morning nap or my afternoon snooze).
Harley, looking exhausted after a long day of barking.

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  1. I sure thought that was a picture of Harley at the beginning! You look so much alike, I was taken aback when you said it was you, Mabel.

    I've very sorry to hear about the Strangers on the Roof making Harley hysterical!
    OF COURSE I can come over and hold Harley so you can get some shut eye!! What day and time did you have in mind??

    Anxiously awaiting your call,
    Aunt Martha