Monday, September 9, 2013

A Tale from Maggie

My big sister Maggie. She's very, very smart, but she's no storyteller.
My Sister, Maggie has a story to tell. She wanted to write it herself, but she's not into detail or drama. I told her that I'd tell it first, then she could re-tell herself.
So, as you know, my sister Maggie goes on her forced marches everynight by herself. Harley and I go marching first, then Maggie gets her "a loan time" with Mama #2 when they go out for a very looong march. They usually come back long after dark, and Maggie looks very tired, but very self-satisfied.
And, I've told you about how, Mama #2 has to put my cat sisters, Millie and Agnes, back into the house every night when we walk, or else they'd follow us. Sometimes, Mama #2 lets Agnes walk a block or so with us, then walks us all back home. Agnes follows, but she doesn't have a rope around her neck. She runs through yards, climbs fences, and generally does everything I'd like to do but can't.
Anyway, the other night, Harley and I went on our march first. We had to wait while Mama #2 chased down both Millie and Agnes and put them back in the house. We marched to the school and walked around on the many scented grass. I love marching around the school. (I love the park, too, but it really stresses Harley out. There's too many smells, too many people, too many dogs, and too much noise. Harley loses it and almost kills herself barking).
When Mama #2 took us home, Maggie was ready to go. She bonzied off the back of the couch and groveled (my interpretation of her disgusting actions) until Mama #2 put the rope around her neck and shut the door behind them.
Now, I only have Maggie's word about what happened next, and she's not the most reliable source, so keep an open mind.
Anyway, Maggie and Mama #2 took off jogging towards the park. Maggie says she's very special and she and Mama #2 cover lots of ground on thier marches (So, I think they jog or run the entire time). Maggie says she immediately sensed a cat presence behind them and tried to alert Mama #2. Mama #2 was 'way too busy loving on Maggie to notice anything else (I think Maggie may be exaggerating a little here....). 
They ran and ran. Maggie says she kept turning around and looking for the cat presence, but Mama #2 did what she always does, she just said, "keep on marching."
Well, they had run almost the entire way to the park (3 quarters of a mile, says Mama #2's gadget -- she's a gadget freak!) when a scrawny little cat charges past them. Mama #2 stopped dead in her tracks (She wasn't really dead; it's just an expression). She stopped and stared at the scrawny little cat. Yes, it was Agnes! Agnes had jogged along behind them the entire way! 
Maggie sat down and nuzzled Agnes in the way only a big sister dog can nuzzle. Agnes looked at Mama #2 and said, "Meow." I'm sure she said more, but Maggie's grasp on cat talk is very, very poor. Mama #2 almost panicked  with Agnes being so far from home, but Maggie held them all together (that's an expression too. It means, Maggie was emotionally vacant and calmed Mama #2 down so that she could get Agnes home safely).
Maggie started to slowly march towards home and called out to Agnes to follow. Agnes ran ahead and investigated the yards she hadn't been able to examine on her way to the park, because she was too busy running after Mama #2 to stop and sniff anything. Agnes says she had a great time and didn't go anywhere she hadn't been before, but seeing her down by the park really rattled Mama #2. Agnes says she won't let Mama #2 see her next time she follows them to the park, but she just couldn't resist running by this time.
Mama #2 just picked Agnes up when they got home and carried her to the couch and cuddled her long and hard on the couch. She told her to be careful and not to roam too far from home. 
OK, here's Maggie with her version of events:
Hi All, Maggie here. A couple of nights ago, Agnes followed Mama #2 and I on a walk. Mama #2 finally saw her when we got to the park. Mama #2 made us turn around and walk home. 
End of story. 
(What's the big deal? Why'd you want to tell everyone this story, Mabel? It seems kinda boring to me....)
That's my big sister, Maggie!
Love y'all!
Mabel the Diva Dachshund
Here I am, trying hard not to laugh at Maggie's version of events

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