Friday, September 27, 2013


I'm SO bored!
I, Mabel, the Diva, am bored out of my head! I have stared at the walls of my house for days! I have paced around my back yard for hours at a time. I know every blade of grass and every weed. Even the bugs & ants in the backyard and I are on a first name basis.
No one has taken me out around the neighborhood in days. Days! 
How can a Diva thrive when she sees no one and nothing! How?!
Marching may not be my favorite thing to do, but suddenly, I crave marching! Please, Mama #2, put a rope around my neck and drag me all over the neighborhood! Let's march for miles and miles! I promise to march a little faster than usual (maybe 2.9 mile per hour instead of my usual 2. 7 miles per hour). I'll even pick up my paws instead of dragging them. 
Mama #2 won't know what to do if act like I want to march for a change!
I don't how to get her attention away from that new car she just brought home.
Is a new car more important than the physical and emotional welfare of your Diva?
Come on, let's get going! I can hardly wait to do some high-quality, high-speed marching through the neighborhood for miles and miles. Put the rope around my neck and let's go!
Please, Mama #2, let's go. Harley and Maggie may kill each other over a chewy stick if we don't do something soon! They are so bored that chewy sticks are the most important thing in their worlds now.
And that's pretty sad.
 Maggie is bored out of her head.
All Harley does is sit and stare. It's not natural.

Please Mama #2, take us out for a long forced march! We really, really need to get out of this house and go marching before we either die of boredom or start tearing up the house (or each other) for something to do!
Haven't you played with your new gadget long enough (the new car)?

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  1. Well, Mabel my dear, if YOU want to go walking, Maggie must be about to climb out of her skin!! And little Harley too! I think you should just "go with it" for a few days. And just FYI: that car is nothing but a BIG GADGET. That's why Mama #2 is so obsessed with it. AND it has little gadgets inside! LOTS of them.