Friday, September 20, 2013


This is not me, Mabel. It's a picture of my identical twin sister, Harley (Just in case you can't tell us apart).
It's hard to believe, but not much has been happening around here lately.
Yes, you'd think that excitement would follow a celebrity like me around, but that's not always true.
Let's see, I slept late today. I cuddled hard with Harley and told her to let me sleep. Harley could hardly stand to stay quiet, but she managed to not bark for a couple of hours (It was very, very hard for her to do. I'm very proud of her!).
This evening, I caught myself jumping around and whining before my forced march (Mama #2 calls it a walk. She forces me to go and puts a rope around my neck, so I call it a forced march.) I hate it when I jump and whine and ask to go marching, but it was perfect marching weather; not too hot, not too cold. We left at sunset, so it wasn't too dark, either (I hate to march in the dark).
We met an assassin dog tonight! That's right, an assassin dog! (An assassin dog is a dog without a human tied to him. They charge at me and try to kill me. It happens all the time to famous people). After my time away from my blog, the assassin dogs disappeared. I mean they vanished. When you're not famous -and nobody is reading exciting things about you, nobody tries to kill you. So, I was very happy to see the assassin dog tonight.  
I am a famous diva again!
Then late tonight, there was the bug that Mama #1 saw in the house. She said it was HUGE! (I was not allowed to see it; Mama #1 refused to let me in the room to take a look. Maybe it was an assassin bug. Maybe it would have tried to kill me).
Anyway, Mama #2 went in and looked at the huge bug, then tried to hit it with a shoe. The crafty bug jumped off the wall. It was probably trying to find me to kill me, so I hid under a blanket with Mama #1. Mama #2 looked and looked for the bug and I heard her spraying something. 
I don't how it happened, but Mama #2 somehow got this nasty, sticky stuff all over her hand. (It was an assassination attempt! I'm so glad the bug didn't find me!). She tried washing her hand and putting lots of different stuff on it, but it stayed very, very sticky.
I tried to tell her to put peanut butter on it, like she put on my paw when I stepped in the horrible sticky chewing gum stuff. No, peanut butter was good enough for me, but not good enough for her! (I hated the stuff; that's probably why she didn't use it. It's nasty stuff!).
She poured and washed and wiped her hand. She was at it for hours. (Hours!) I know it was hours, because she forgot to feed me! I require feeding every few hours or I would waste away to nothing.
Well, Mama #2 was at her wit's end (she could still laugh; it's just an expression). The nasty, sticky stuff would not come off. She finally went into the cat's room (I'm not allowed in there; she thinks I'll eat the cat's delicious food - and she's right!) and rummaged around until she found this really, really rough paper. She called it "sandpaper." She sat down and "sanded" her hand! She did it slowly and carefully. I watched her; she just sanded her skin (and the sticky stuff) off of her hand.
Simply amazing!
Well, I decided I was happy she only used the awful peanut butter on my paw when it was sticky and nasty. If she'd used that "sand paper," my beautiful, perfectly shaped paw could have been disfigured forever! (OK, it didn't hurt her hand and it got rid of the really, really sticky stuff, but that's besides the point!). She sandpapered her hand!
Anyway, with the sticky stuff gone and the evil, assassin bug killed, she could pet me and I could finally get my evening snooze in. And eat my dinner.
A diva has to have her dinner and get her beauty sleep.
That's all for today.
A Diva does not always have a fun and exciting life.
Maybe tomorrow I will have something exciting to write about.
Until then,
Love ya!
This is me, Mabel, and my twin sister, Harley, joyously running around our back yard. (I'm the one on the right, in case you can't tell us apart).

Note: Mama #2 forgot to wear gloves when she sprayed some foam filler into a small space the nasty bug crawled into. She carefully filled the small hole and encased the nasty bug in coffin of foam. The problem was, the foam stuff got on her hand and wouldn't come off. I don't recommend sanding it off, but when the guidelines on the label don't work, you do whatever you gotta do to get the sticky stuff off. (Mabel, you're grounded from the computer. No more blogging about things like this!).

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  1. Dear Mabel,
    What is the difference between an assassin dog and a dog who just managed to get out of the back yard? Just wondering, because there are a few pretty friendly dogs around my work building...I even know where one of them lives--her name is Bella--and I don't think she is an assassin dog. I could be wrong.
    Aunt Martha

    P.S. I don't know how long you'll be grounded from the computer, but maybe Maggie and Harley could write for you while you dictate!