Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm stunned.....

Here I am with my identical twin sister, Harley. She's the one on the left, in case you can't tell us apart.
It's been a long, hard day. The events of the day have left me simply stunned.
Speechless (almost).
What could have happened to leave the Diva without words, you ask?
It's simply horrifying and inexplainable.
My dear, beloved twin sister turned on me tonight.
Yes, tonight, I reached for Harley's chewy stick after I hid mine (to munch on later), and she refused to give it to me.
My sister has never refused anything I asked. She never minds sharing her food, her water, her treats or her chewy sticks with me. Until tonight.
I don't know what happened. Today had been a day much like any other day. I woke up this morning on top of Harley; she's very comfy to sleep on. I got up and ate my breakfast, then nudged Harley away from her food bowl (Harley didn't mind) and finished the rest of her breakfast.
Then, we went outside to play and lay in the sun. I took the pecan that Harley sniffed out and ate it (Harley didn't mind), then I told her to move out of my favorite sunning spot. Of course, Harley moved immediately, since she knows I prefer to sleep in just that one place (the Best Place!).
Once inside, I asked Maggie nicely if she would give me my favorite place on the bed and she refused. (Maggie never does what I ask her to do). So I told Harley to move out of her spot on the bed and she glad moved (Harley loves me so much she used to do whatever I asked her to do). After a good snooze, I got up and greeted Mama #2 as she came home for lunch and gladly ate the treat she gave me. Then I finished Harley's treat, because she never likes to finish her food/treats by herself (she is soooo generous! But, that's sisterly love).
I laid on Mama #2's lap, and playfully pushed Harley away every time she tried to climb onto Mama #2's lap with me (she's such a joker! She knows there's only room for the Diva on Mama #2's lap).
This afternoon, everything went the way it always does, Maggie was her usual rude self and I had to jump on Harley to calm down after Maggie took my rawhide (Jumping on Harley relaxes me; Harley doesn't mind).
Our forced march went well. Everyone went marched by were so amazed by the sight of  identical twins, marching in perfect step. Everyone told us how wonderful we looked. (And that we (me!) will be famous one day!).
When we returned home, Mama #2 passed out the treats. Once again, I finished mine, then ate Harley's (she, of course, did not mind).
But when Mama #1 passed out the chewy sticks, I hide mine (as usual) then went over to take Harley's. SHE TOLD ME NO!!! Yes, you read that correctly; my wonderful, selfless sister selfishly told me to take a hike and leave her chewy stick alone (She didn't really mean for me to take another forced march, but she did mean for me to leave her alone).
I'm shocked. I'm speechless. What has happened to my sweet, wonderful, sharing sister?
I'm sure that by tomorrow, everything will be back to normal. In fact, she looks a little guilty now. I think I'll go over and take her chewy stick now.
I'm sure she won't mind.
Here is my beloved, formerly selfless sister (on the left. It's obvious which one she is by the horrible, selfish look on her face). I am the twin on the right, looking relaxed and sad after my sister refused to share with me.

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  1. Dearest Mabel,
    You know Harley needs to "chew it out" sometimes.
    (OK, most of the time) I think you should leave her bones alone...you do, after all, have a gazillion hidden :-/ You know I say this with much love :-)
    Aunt Martha