Thursday, September 26, 2013

Interesting week

This is me, Mabel, hanging our in the backyard.
Hello all, this is me, Mabel, talking to you from my favorite spot on my couch. I haven't been here much lately because the Mamas have been gone almost every single night this week.
This means I have only been on one forced march this week. Mama #2 loves marching more than anything in the world, so I don't know what's going on.
This is what I do know.
Mama #2 was obsessed with her computer this past week. 
I mean, she stared at that thing every minute she was home when she wasn't taking me or my sister on a forced march (just 1 forced march! We always march every single night!). Every second she was home that she wasn't asleep, she stared at her computer. Then, a few days ago, she started going somewhere every night. She'd come home after dark and then she'd stare at her computer some more.
Some days she didn't even come home for lunch. Sometimes Mama #1 looked at Mama #2's computer and they'd talk. Actually, Mama #2 talked and Mama #1 secretly watched the "on" out of the corner of her eye (I just learned that the "on" is really called a "TV." I called it an "on" because they always talked about "Bones is ON," or "NCIS is ON." I guess they really meant whatever is "ON TV").
Anyway, Mama #2 was up to something. I know the signs. I figured she'd found another gadget. Some kind of big, expensive gadget, since she seemed to be trying to convince Mama #1 she needed it -- or maybe she was trying to convince herself. I don't know who she was convincing, but she was obsessed.
Yesterday afternoon, when Mama #2 came home she was really excited. I heard her and Mama #1 come in the front door and I ran over to say Hi. Mama #2 turned around and went right back outside. 
Very Rude.
I looked outside to see what she was up to (did she have a new gadget?)  I saw a strange car in the driveway. No one was in it, but Mama #2 was running around this car and fussing over it like it was one of my cat sisters (or a new gadget).
She even took pictures of it. She never takes pictures of anything except for me and my sisters (even the cat sisters). She never takes pictures of gadgets!
My big sister Maggie sneaked out the front door (she's a good sneaker) and watched closely. She took a good look at the strange car, then came in and said it looked just like the other car outside. I asked her where my car was (the one that takes me to see my doctor) and Maggie looked at me and walked away.

The strange car. Where my car? My cat sister, Sam, is investigating. 

Next, the Mamas got into the strange car and took off. After many hours, they came home (I missed another meal!)  Mama #2 stayed outside again with the strange car. She looked at it and opened and shut the doors at least fifty times. Then she sat inside it for awhile.
I don't understand; it's not a gadget but Mama #2 seems to be obsessed with it. It's just a car.
And where is my car? I liked riding in it. I liked hanging my head out the window and smelling all the strange smells. 
Now that Mama #2 lost my car and has this strange one, how will I go to see my doctor? Will she let me ride in it? Can I hang my head out the window like I used to? 
Will Mama #2 remain obsessed (totally!) with this car? Is this the end of her gadget craze? And her marching craze?
Oh, No!
Will she fill the front yard with cars the same way she's filled the house with gadgets? Will she keep ignoring me and hang out with that car every night?
Does this mean I will have the computer all to myself every night?
Have I gone on my last forced march?
Maybe this new car isn't a bad thing after all....
More later
Love y'all,
Note from Mama #2: I have a new Car! I have a new car! Mabel can ride in it if she behaves. Then again, maybe we'll walk to the vet when she needs to go. 
I love walking with my girls!
Mabel will start walking every night again soon.
Right after the thrill of my new car is gone.

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  1. WELL, this would certainly explain the odd comments I got from a lady at work today. I had given her your blog address the previous day (I was so horrified--I thought she already had it!) and she kept muttering something about a car. I wasn't paying much attention, but I DID tell her to read it from the beginning, not the end, because that IS the part where you come home when you were babies. Listen, Mabel, I'd been telling this lady how funny your blog is....and when I got on here today and saw for myself what she was talking about. ..oh my goodness.
    That thing can't be ANYWHERE CLOSE to being as much fun as you and your sisters are! I would mope if I were you, until she at least took me for a ride!!