Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Re: I'm Stunned

this is me, harley. i am taking over today.

hi, this is harley, mabel the diva's twin sister. she will not blog today because she is too upset. right now, she is in the back room under some covers, sulking.
our mailbox is full. it's full of angry emails. mabel's fans think she bullies me. They are very mad at her.
mabel bully me? never. she never hurts me or mistreats me.
here we are the night we arrived home. see how protective i am of mabel? i kept watch that first night while she slept.

we are twins, identical twins --- mabel always says. that means we're really one dog, half diva and half regular dog. mabel (she's not reading this, is she?) sometimes exaggerates. she loves me very, very much. she really doesn't steal my treats or food. just once in a while she tries. when she tries to take my stuff, we wrestle, just like sisters do. sometimes i let her win and sometimes i don't.
here i am, attacking my sister. we play really, really hard.
please mabel's fans, quit picking on her for picking on me. she is just a normal sister and i jump on her as much as she jumps on me.
we still sleep with our paws wrapped around each other every night. 
isn't there a song about "don't come between me and my sister"? 
ok, i don't like it when she talks about my anxiety. it makes me feel kinda anxious. if you want to write about something, tell her leave my anxiety alone.
here's one last picture.see how we love each other?
here we are, sleeping on the couch together. mabel has her paw on me (she's on the right).

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  1. My dear little Harley,
    I can't imagine anyone thinking that Mabel bullies you! If they had ever slept in the same bed with you and had to allow 15 minutes for (play) fighting, they'd know how strong you are!
    Tell Mabel to get out of the bed and play with you. OH, and tell Maggie I said "HI" too! And Sam! Love you!!
    Aunt Martha