Monday, September 16, 2013

Thanks for your support....

Thanks to you, dear readers and fans, Me, Mabel (on the left) and my twin sister Harley are lounging in the comfort of the living room once again.
Today, your Diva is humbled by the huge response of my fans to the totally unfair situation I found myself in this weekend. Yes, I am talking about the banishment of me and my sisters to the dog room after an unfortunate incident involving a straw hat.
Very Unfortunate.
You see, My dear twin sister Harley, was involved in the total destruction of a straw hat. She was, of course, encouraged by our older, wicked, stepsister Maggie. The two were literally caught with straw in their mouths by Mama #2. She immediately took pictures of the scene of the crime and of the two of them literally caught in the act of destruction.
I was an innocent bystander. The digital proof shows I was away from the crime, but I feared my future days (and evenings!) when the Mamas were gone would be spent locked in the dog room on the cold, hard floor. 
Even though the dog room allows easy access to the outside yard, it means I have no access to the comfy living room couch, the bedrooms with the soft beds and blankets, and the best windows of the house. 
I earned the right to free run of the house over many, many weeks of near perfect behaviors.
My fans expressed their outrage that I, innocent Mabel, would be punished for the crimes of others.
I heard from My Martha, who offered to be my lawyer. She wrote letters and made phone calls in my defensive (I love My Martha!!).
I heard from Fabio, a canine lawyer. (He wears a tie!!). He offered his services. (we're meeting for dinner and movie later. He has gorgeous eyebrows and a cure accent!).
 FABIO NAYLOR, JD. Canine Legal Associates.
 National and International.
 For all your legal needs, call Fabio. 
Specializing in Deviant Behavior claims, Dog Bites, Escaping claims.
 Remember: "Never trust a Canine Lawyer who does not wear a tie."
My Mamas heard from hundreds of you, my dear fans. Hundreds! Everywhere they went, someone stopped them and ask, "You're not really going to banish Mabel to the dog room, are you?" 
Some suggested the straw hat self-destructed.
One suggested the hat suicided.
Several suggested the involvement of my evil cat sister, Millie.
Reasonable doubt. All these scenarios raised reasonable doubt, in spite of the alleged digital evidence.
The Mamas listened to reason, and, here I am with my twin sister, Harley. We never spent a minute in the dog room (except to use it for outside access). We were not banished; not at all!
This is me, Mabel, giving my beloved twin sister (we're identical!) a kiss. Note we are on the comfy couch.
Thank you for your concern. Thank you for standing up for the Diva (and my guilty sisters).
I am secure in knowing that my days will always be spent on the comfy couch or the soft beds in the house.
My fans demand it.
My Lawyer demands it.
My public loves me.
Mabel the Diva Dachshund

This is my wicked stepsister, Maggie, making a fool of herself. She knows she should be banned to the dog room and she is celebrating her freedom. (Please note the shredded kleenex by her left paw).

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  1. I knew if we just had faith (and good counsel) everything would turn out FINE. I am so happy.
    Aunt Martha

    P.S. Fabio is a hunk!