Sunday, September 15, 2013


This is me, Mabel, feeling joyous and carefree. Little did I know that my beloved twin sister was inside ruining my reputation....
I am writing tonight with sad news. My sisters spent about an hour today ruining my reputation and my chances to spend my days relaxing on the comfy couch instead of on the hard, lonely floor of the dog room.
I am very sad.
Today, while the Mamas were gone (and they've been gone a lot lately!) I was outside playing with my toy duck. Inside, my twin sister Harley and my older sister, Maggie, were wrecking destruction.
Here's an after picture:
 Here are the remains of Harley and Maggie's wicked deed.

This morning, before the Mamas left, Mama #2 put some hats on the table by the couch. Then they left.
I don't know why she put them there, just like I don't know why Harley couldn't leave them alone.
I just know that, I'll never be trusted again --- although I was no where near the evil deed and destruction.
As I understand it, Harley spotted the hats. She saw a big, straw hat and she wanted to play with it.
She dragged all the hats off the table and put them on the floor. She started playing with the big straw hat, when Maggie decided to take it from her. Why? Because she is the big sister and, she thinks like all older sisters, that if she wants it, it should be hers (or so she thinks).
(I was outside playing with my toy duck or I would have stopped the destruction. Yes, I would have stood up to my evil, no good, older sister). 
Maggie and Harley threw the straw hat around. They played tug of war. The hat shredded. They threw around the straw. They must have had a great time destructing!
I knew nothing about it until Mama #2 came home. I heard her car, ran inside and saw the destruction just seconds before she did. 
She opened the door and stopped dead in her tracks (she wasn't really dead, it's just an expression). Then, she did what all good gadget freaks do; she reached for her camera. Yes, she took out her camera and got the digital evidence. 
I quickly thought about calling my Martha to ask her the name of a good lawyer. I was not involved and the pictures prove it. Why should I receive the same punishment as my evil sisters? (I know we will all be be banished to the dog room forever when the Mamas are gone!).
Maggie and Harley seemed oblivious to the trouble they were in. They kept on shredding and playing tug of war for the camera and for Mama #2.
And stupid!
Even after Mama #2 put down her camera and started to clean up the mess, Harley and Maggie continued to play with the remains of the hat. Harley even grabbed a piece of it out of Mama #2's hands!
 Harley and Maggie caught in the midst of destruction.
I Was Speechless.
And the Diva is rarely without words.
I stood far away, turned my back and munched on a chewy stick to prove that I was not involved. I, Mabel the Diva, did not lay a tooth on that hat. I did not even know the destruction was taking place. 
Tomorrow, when the Mamas leave and lock us all in the dog room, away from the comforts of our living room with comfy couches, and bedrooms with soft beds and warm blankets, I hope Harley and Maggie remember their evil deeds. 
They owe me a huge apology. I mean, I did nothing wrong. The photos prove it. Why should I be banned from my favorite sleeping spots?
And Maggie. What was she thinking? She knows better! And she is the one most likely to slide up by Mama #2 and ask if she can stay out in the living room to sleep in her special bed. I could just kick Harley for being so stupid! (I would really kick her, it's not just an expression). And Maggie! I cannot put in words (especially not on the internet where anyone could see it) what I want to do to her!!
That's my sad story. 
I may not be able to blog during the day while the Mamas are gone for awhile.
I doubt Mama #2 will let me take the laptop into the dog room when she leaves tomorrow. 
Maggie and Harley continue their destruction even though Mama #2 is taking photos for evidence. Please note that I, Mabel, am not involved in the destruction. In fact, I am walking away, horribly embarrassed by their actions.
Here I am, Mabel, laying on the cold, hard floor, with my chewy stick and my toy duck. 
I am the good twin, Harley is the evil twin. And Maggie is, of course, the wicked stepsister!

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  1. YALL ARE BEING SET UP!!! Harley isn't tall enough to get anything off the table...neither is Maggie. There's only 1cat I can think of that would go to the trouble of knocking a straw hat off the table...MILLIE! Now, this is beside the point, but who cares about a straw hat anyway?? You've got ancestors who ate COUCHES! Look at this another way...if Millie knocked a piece of chocolate chip cheesecake into Mama #2's lap, would Mama #2 not eat it??
    I rest my case. I will act as your lawyer myself.