Sunday, October 27, 2013

A narrow escape!

This is me, Mabel, on my favorite comfy couch.

Dear fans,
It has been  a long week, and, I've had a little writer's block
(that's not really true; Mama #2  told me to write that.The truth is, I couldn't get her off our laptop this week).
Now that I finally have control of the computer, here's a recap of my evening. 
Mama #2 almost brought us a cat brother tonight!
I thought she was over her terrible addiction of bringing home strays.
She had a relapse.
Yes, besides being a computer addict, gadget addict and doxie addict, she is addicted to bringing home strays! Here are the last strays she brought home:
The evil cat Millie and her henchwoman daughter, Agnes.
Here they are, sound asleep in MY magically heated bed. As you can see, this addiction is quite a problem.
OK. Back to my story.
The Mama's left home around dinner time and were gone for a very, very long time. When they finally came home, I was so happy to see them! I whined and jumped around like a young pup. 
Then, I smelled it. I couldn't believe my nose.
Mama #2999 (number drop!) smelled like a strange cat.
In fact, she reeked of strange cat! 
I immediately began looking for the stranger. I was NOT going to welcome a strange cat into my home tonight (or any other time).
How could she do this to me?!
I calmed down when I realized the cat stranger was not with them. Here is a picture of the offending stranger cat:
This is the stranger cat. 
OK, I admit it is young and small and it's ears look hurt. But that's no reason to bring it into my happy home, is it?
After an appropriate  length of time ignoring her, I finally listened to Mama #3497's story. 
Aren't I an understanding and compassionate Diva?
This little stranger cat was young, just a baby kitten. Barely a handful of cat. He was scared and hungry and thirsty when my Mama found him.
Mama # 4862 found him running and scared while she was at the church's fall carnival. She caught him and took him inside to see if he was hurt. (This time of year is not good for black cats, and this was a very, very black cat). The cat's ears were very, very short and stubby. The cat don't look injured now, but someone may have hurt him when he was younger --- and he's only about 6 weeks old now. 
How could anyone hurt a kitten?!
Mama #2 (I reinstated her to her normal ranking. Taking care of a baby kitten who's been hurt is OK with me) fed the kitten and gave it water. He purred and cuddled with her and tried to talk her into taking him home to me (who wouldn't want to live with a famous Diva? I'm sure that's why he chose her to rescue him!). Mama #2 almost fell for his charm, but Mama #1 said he needed a real, permanent home.
Mama #2 put his picture on Facebook.
Soon, that little kitten had offers pouring in! Everyone wanted him! It must have been the ears...
How can people be such suckers about kittens?
SO, I never met the little guy. He was adopted within the hour! He is now home with his new Mamas, being pampered and that's OK with me.
His new name is "Stubs." (because of his stubby ears).
He's not in my house.
I am a very happy Diva.
Mama #2 and I are going to have a very long talk about this addiction to rescuing strays.
She already has a Diva Dog. 
She doesn't need another Diva cat. 
Did I mention that all cats think they are Divas?
My twin sister, Harley and I (I'm the one on the right, just in case you can't tell us apart) are playing "Tag" with our cat sister, the Evil Millie.

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  1. Hey! GREAT CLOSEUP, Mabel!!!
    That little kitty suddenly got ALOT cuter after I read he wasn't going to be your little brother :)
    Sam would have had a heart attack and Millie would have probably chased it off, so I'm very happy he found a forever home not in your house.
    Love you!
    Aunt Martha