Sunday, October 13, 2013


Those words strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest of dogs.
I admit, whenever I hear that word or see the signs that a bath is coming,  I dive under my blanket and hope that no one can find me.
This hasn't worked in the past; they always find me. Perhaps I need a new strategy.

My big sister, Maggie.  See how clean she is?
Mama #1 declared this afternoon that it was time for everyone to have a bath. 
Panic ensued.
Maggie ran for the hills (there are no hills nearby, it's just an expression), Harley ran and hid under the bed, and I dived under my favorite blanket.
Mama #987 (number drop!) searched the house, looking for her first victim.
Maggie gave up and bravely stepped out of her hiding place. I guess she decided that she might as well get it over with. 
I watched her disappear into the bathroom and heard the familiar sound of water running.
Then, Harley came out of hiding and wandered into the bathroom. She looked over the edge of the tub at Maggie. Maggie glared back at her. Harley's lucky she didn't get dunked into the tub right then and there.
Harley watched as, first came the water, then the sudsy stuff, then more water.
Maggie is so good at faking feelings, that the Mamas probably thought she enjoyed her bath. She stood very still and tried to smile (according to Harley, who watched everything). When Maggie was lifted from the tub, she took off running before Mama #1 had a chance to dry her off.
The second her paws hit the ground, she took off running. She ran from one end of the house to other and back again. Back and forth, back and forth.
She "blow dried" her fur!
Since Harley was still hanging out in the bathroom (I hate to say this about my twin, but it was a dumb, soggy thing to do), Mama #987 grabbed her and tossed her in the bathtub! I couldn't see what happened next, because I was locked out of the room -- and was still under my blanket (Sorry, Harley, you know I would have protected you if I was there).  Harley was soaking wet when the door finally opened. She escaped the Mama's hands (and towels) and raced through the house naked. 
Yes, Harley ran through the house completely naked. When Mama #999 finally caught her, she put a new collar on her.
It's blue.
This is Harley, my identical twin sister, modeling her new collar. Now you can tell us apart by the color of our collars. I guess the Mamas were tired of trying to guess who was who. Tomorrow,we'll try switching collars and see if they can still tell us apart!
Wearing her new collar, Harley ran free and she and Maggie chased each other and gleefully ran around the backyard. I think the Mamas must have put something in that water they poured over them. Doggy caffeine?

Well, lucky me. I'm still safe and dry and I wouldn't be caught dead in a bathtub with water. (I don't really mean I'd have to be dead to be in a bathtub. It's just an expression). 
Hey! Where are you taking me?! Mama #1999 (Number drop!), PUT ME DOWN! Can't you see I'm in the middle of talking to my loyal fans?!
(Note from Mama #2, AKA Mama #1999: Mabel had to quit writing because it's time for her bath. She didn't go willingly).

This is me, Mabel. I am very clean, since I just had a bath. This picture was taken shortly before I rolled over and over and over in the nice, dusty, grassy backyard.

Well, dear readers, Your Diva was just taken hostage and thrown into a bathtub. Water was poured all over me, then smelly sudsy stuff was rubbed all over me. I managed to escape only after more water was poured all over me. 
I allowed Mama #1 to rub me down with a towel (only because it felt really good to massaged by the Mama). Once she let go, I was off and running.
Out the dog door and into the backyard, I ran with Mama #2999 (Number drop!) on my heels (I don't really have heels, it's just an expression). I quickly took care of the nasty smell that sudsy stuff left.
This is me, Mabel, gleefully rolling in the grass. Ahhh. I feel good!
Over and over and over I rolled in the soft, wonderful smelling, green grass. 
Until next time, this is Mabel, your very clean Diva, sending love and kisses to all my loyal fans!
Note from Mama #2999 (AKA Mama #2): Mabel actually wrote this entry yesterday before it rained. Now, she is a muddy, dirty Diva who needs another bath!

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