Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dog Shame

 Here I am, Mabel, with my identical twin sister, Harley. (she's on the left, in case you can't tell us apart).

Please note my change of address. Me and my sisters (all my sisters, including Maggie -- who I am still trying to re-home) are residing in the dog room during human working hours. Tomorrow, our exile begins when the Mamas leave for work. Tomorrow and every day after.
Day after Day after Day. 
No end in sight.
When I heard of the exile, I had to jump on Harley to keep from fainting.
I know that you are wondering, What happened? Couldn't My Martha or my handsome canine lawyer, Fabio, get a restraining order? Couldn't I contact Judge Judy and to keep my cushy place on the couch?
No. We are resigned to our exile.
We deserve the banishment.
My Sisters and I did not keep The Promise
You know, The Promise. The Promise all dogs make. The basis of our doggy Code of Conduct. (It's got a prominent place in our contracts).
We "Failed to Protect."  I mutter this with my head hung low, All of us failed to protect our yard and house against an intruder.
(At least the Mamas didn't DOG SHAME us and put the picture on the internet!).
We loved hanging out in the living room during the day; nothing to do but peacefully sleep. I mean, nothing ever happened; there was no reason to even leave the room (except for "necessary" trips outside). We became a little lax on our home and yard protection. We may have even gained a little weight from sleeping so much.

It's a horrible story.
It began one afternoon as my sisters and I were comfortably snoozing on the couch.It was a little chilly, so Harley and I were all wrapped up in a blanket and snuggled closely together. Maggie was off doing her own thing (It'd be so easy to just blame Maggie for this, but honestly, we all failed).
Harley and I were sound asleep. (She's the one on the left).
Mama #1 came home early from work on Friday afternoon. She forgot her keys to the house. She walked through the fence's gate into the back yard.
 (Inside, we slept away).
 She climbed up the stairs to the back porch and tried the back door. 
(Inside, we slept).
She rattled the back door.
My sister, Maggie, sound asleep.
 (Inside, we slept).
She tried to reach the back door lock through the doggy door and failed.
 (Inside, we slept).
While she stood on the back porch, she called Mama #2 and asked her to come home and let her in. 
We slept the entire time Mama #1 was trying to get into the house + the time it took Mama #2 to drive home from work.
Yes, we slept. Soundly.
When we heard Mama #2's car door shut, we all jumped up from our deep sleeps and ran to the door to greet our Mama who'd just come home. We did not know we'd already broken The Promise.
We welcomed the Mamas home. Then we all stopped dead in our tracks (we weren't really dead, it's just an expression) when we heard Mama #1 say,
"You know, the girls slept the entire time I was outside trying to get in. I walked through the back yard, then hung out on the back porch after I tried the back door. They didn't hear me go through the gate and didn't hear me rattling the back door. I even called the girls, since I didn't see or hear them."
Maggie, Harley and I looked at each other, then hung our heads in shame.
The Promise. We failed. 
We deserve the Dog Room. Maybe if we can't get so comfy on the couch and/or the beds, we can hear intruders who enter the back yard and rattle the doors. 
We will make our backyard a protected territory once again!
If the Mamas didn't banish us to the Dog Room, we'd go there anyway. We're so ashamed! We failed our Prime Directive, THE PROMISE. We failed to protect our yard and our house.

Here I am, just waking up on that fateful day...

Maggie's Note: this has nothing to do with the pair of sunglasses and the pair of reading glasses that were somehow destroyed during the day as we slept. We have no idea how that might have happened or if it played a part in our banishment.

Note from Mama #1: The destruction of the reading glasses and the sun glasses definitely played a part. And the fact that the girls are gaining weight from inactivity. With comfy couches nearby, the girls are not running around and playing in the backyard during the day. They only eat and sleep. Neither of us were very surprised that the girls slept while an intruder tried to get into the house. Our Diva can tell a good story!

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