Monday, October 21, 2013

Mabel: Couch Diva

 Here I am, Mabel, standing alone in my backyard. I am sorry that this picture is not up to my usual standards of glowing health; I was not feeling 100% when I posed for it.

Hi All, Mabel here, reporting to you from my favorite spot on my comfy couch. It's been another interesting day.
First of all, I want to report that my Magic Blanket is working again. It's the wonderful blanket that gets warm all by itself; no one has to be under it or even near it. It just stays warm. It only works when it gets cold outside, but, that's OK.
I love it!
And, it is big enough for Me, Harley and Mama #2 to lay under.
Only Harley is allowed to cuddle under the blanket with me. It's extra nice to be able to lay on top of Harley and under the blanket. That way, I have a heater both above and below me. Harley doesn't mind.
Your Diva was feeling a little under the weather yesterday, and I feared that Mama #1 would make me go to see my doctor again. (I'm pretty sure I wasn't feeling well because Mama #2 made me sit out in the rain for hours last week ---- See my last blog for more on this horrible event).
Anyway, I like my doctor, I really do, but I don't want to go see him. It seems like he either insults my shape ("Mabel needs to lose a little weight) or he sends pills home for me to take. So, either my food disappears or I am forced to choke down big, chunky pills----or both; pills with no food!
No trip to the doctor today. However, Mama #2 is now delivering wonderful treats to me while I lay on my comfy couch. And, earlier this afternoon, I began to feel amazing well. (Like I said, these are wonderful treats!).
Yes, I now refuse to go to the kitchen when Mama #2 is there. After the incident in the rain, I, at first,  refused to accept a treat from her at all. I just turned my head and ignored her. It was very hard to ignore a treat, but the revenge factor was very worth it.
Definitely worth it.
Now, I simply recline under the Magic Blanket on my comfy couch and let Mama #2 bring my special treats to me. 
This is guilt at its best. The longer I've refused to go to the kitchen for treats, the treats delivered to my couch just get better and better.
I don't know how long this will last, but I will ride it out for all for as long as I can. Harley and Maggie still have to go to the kitchen to get their treats.
I am special.
Maybe I have a new place in life:
I am now the Couch Diva.

Note from Mama #1: Mabel was not feeling well this morning, but her Vet wrote a prescription for her and she did not have to go in for a visit. Since our Diva is so good at not taking pills, we are putting her pills in wienie slices. So far, she has not spit out any pills and just gulps down the treats. Unfortunately, she still refuses to go to to the kitchen for anything (as long as Mama #2 is there) so, yes, her treats (with pills inside) are delivered to her while she lays under the electric blanket on her favorite couch. Once her meds are gone, (maybe sooner), she will have to go to the kitchen if she wants a treat.

Here I am with my beloved twin sister, Harley. We are negotiating for the best place in the dog bed. Naturally, Harley, being the selfless, wonderful sister that she is, let me have the dog bed for myself. She found an equally comfy place on the floor to sleep.

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  1. Dear Mabel,
    You wear many hats...famous blogger diva, lawn diva, couch diva...what's next? I can hardly wait to find out!
    As you can imagine, I am MORE than thrilled that you and Harley and Maggie have been officially recognized as the three alphas.
    The fact that it comes with treats on the couch under the magic blanket is just icing on the cake!

    Surely you are feeling better by now....I will have to call the Mamas to confirm!
    XXXOOO to my 3 girls! And a XO for Sammie, too!
    Aunt Martha