Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life in Exile

This is me, Mabel, standing in my backyard. It's just a few steps away from my exile in the Dog Room.

Hi everyone, Mabel here. It's been a long, hard week. After watching the wonderful falling stars a few days ago, I've had to adjust to a life of hard labor in the Dog Room.
Yes, the dreaded Dog Room.
Wishes don't come true.
My sister, Maggie, lied to me. I wished on all those falling stars.
And I am still exiled to the Dog Room.
I was exiled after totally unfair circumstances (me and my sisters slept through someone trying to break into the house---it was really just Mama #1 trying to get in because she was locked out. But, we didn't bark or even wake up the entire time she was trying to break in the house). 
I thought I'd be back on my comfy couch by now, but my Mamas are very stubborn and I remain in exile. 
Today they did let me have access to the bedrooms, but I was still blocked from my favorite comfy couch all day. 
I got up as usual this morning, and, after a short stroll through the house and a bite to eat, I crawled under my favorite blanket on my comfy couch for my morning snooze.
Soon, I was pulled out from under my warm blanket and tossed into my daily exile.
Please know that your Diva is coping as best she can.
This is me, Mabel, totally bored, in exile.

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I can't believe this is still happening, Mabel!!
    Let me tell you a story....years ago, your ancestors, Allie Ruth and Katie Louise, would sleep with me (at your house; I know this is confusing, but just go with it) and when your Mama #2 would go to bed, she would come in and feel under the covers and get Allie and Katie out of bed and put them in the dog room. I don't know why. Most times, Allie Ruth would GROWL at her! ANYWAY, as time went on, the whole process must have gotten really old because Mama #2 quit coming in and taking Allie and Katie in the night. So we got to sleep together all night.
    What I suggest is this: keep getting under your comfy blanket on the couch in the morning. Make sure Harley and Maggie know the plan too---they should also be on the couch, under a comfy blanket. Pretend to be asleep. Sooner or later, I feel certain that Mama #1 and Mama #2 will forget they ever even took you off the couch in morning. It worked for Allie and Katie...I just know it'll work for you too!

    Aunt Martha

    P.S. They should think about putting Millie in the dog room. That would solve all kinds of problems. I think Sam would agree with me on that!!