Monday, October 7, 2013

Shooting Stars!

Here's a picture of me and my twin sister, Harley, posing for the camera. I'm the one on the left, in case you can't tell us apart.
Hi, Mabel here, and I've just come home from the most amazing forced march!
I usually don't like marching after dark. I prefer late afternoon to early evening marches. And tonight, Mama #2 looked for very dark streets to march down. 
Very strange.
Anyway, once we got to my favorite schoolyard, she stopped us on the darkest side of the building and stood staring up at the sky. Maggie, Harley and I were immediately concerned that something was wrong with Mama #2. She never stops marching when we're out. Never. 
So what was up with the Mama?
We heard her talk to herself, then laugh softly. I thought for sure she'd had a break down. I wondered if I could work her little black box that she likes to talk into. Maybe I could call Mama #1 to come rescue us. Suddenly, Mama #2 began talking to us.
"Harley," she said, "look up at the sky. Mabel, do you see that?" 
I looked up at the sky. I looked really hard. I saw the moon (all dogs know what the moon is. If there's nothing else to bark at during the night, we know we can bark at the moon). I looked and looked.
Nothing. I saw nothing that needed to be seen or looked at.
Mama #2 had truely lost it. It would be up to us to march her home and get help.
Then, Maggie finally saw what Mama #2 was staring at. "Look at that!," Maggie yelped. "Look! The stars are falling!"
Harley and I looked and looked. It took awhile, but suddenly, we both saw it; a star fell from its place in the sky and left a long, white line behind it.
I actually shivered. 
Not from the cold, but from the sight of a star falling. Then another fell and then another. "Would all the stars fall down from the sky?" I wondered.
We stood in the dark staring at the sky for hours (well, it seemed like hours). Finally, Mama #2 said we had to go home. We walked home quickly, because we'd been gone a long time.
When we got home, Mama #2 announced that we'd seen the Meteor Shower. Mama #1 was impressed ( and a little jealous).
I ate my after march chewy bone treat and walked myself to a quiet place beside Mama #2. I knew she loved gadgets and marching, but I never knew she loved stars too. 
Maybe marching at night isn't so bad after all.
Harley and Maggie were quiet as well after our march tonight.
It's not every day you see a falling star.
And the wishes! I made wishes on all the falling stars (my super smart older sister Maggie said I should).
What did I wish for?
An end to my exile to the Dog Room, of course. 
Tomorrow, when the Mamas leave for the day, I'll find out if my wishes have come true.
Here I am, practicing for my next round of star gazing. (I'm the one on the right).

note from Mama #2: The girls and I were able to watch some of the Draconid Meteor Shower tonight. Not many falling stars this year, but we were able to see a few. The girls appeared to be watching the sky, almost by instinct. I swear Mabel sighed as she watched the stars fall from the sky.

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  1. Oh Mabel Ann, I am thrilled that you and Harley and Maggie (and Mama #2) got to see shooting stars !!!!
    Maybe they saw you too!!