Sunday, October 6, 2013

(Step) Sister Needs a New Home

This is my step-sister, Maggie. I am planning to give her away to a good home.

Hi, Mabel here, your favorite Diva.
Today, I want to discuss some serious business. I want to find a new home for Maggie, my older step sister. 
She has allergies. 
She may have food allergies.
Mama #2 has stopped all treats, including my beloved chewy bones, until she figures out what is causing poor Maggie to have a horrible case of the itches.
It's really bad. I mean, what will I do without my daily chewy bones? 
It's clear, Maggie has to go.
Her itches aren't horrifying, just irritating.
How can I get my daily required sleep and snoozes if she is scratching all the time? How can I survive without my chewy bones?!
I'll miss her; I kinda like her, but I love my chewy bones.

Here's another picture of my big sister Maggie.
Very Intelligent Dachshund needs a new home.
Loves to go on forced marches (and runs!).
Likes to sit on laps and chase toys (will chew holes in toys).
Tolerates cat sisters OK.
At least 4 years old, but still playful.
Is obnoxious to other dogs, but tolerant of small pups. 
Thinks she is #1 Pup. 
Likes to collect rawhide sticks and sit on them. Good at finding hidden raw hides and stealing them.
Likes to eat, but is disgustingly thin.
Has allergies. Scratches a lot. Needs a hypoallergenic home.

Please give her a home so I can have my chewy bones back!

Note from Mamas #1 & 2: Maggie is not going anywhere. We are working hard to find out what she is allergic to. When (and if) we rule out chewy bones, Mabel will get her chewy bones back. In the meantime. everything is suspect until ruled out, even Mabel. 

Mama #2: We'll keep Mabel anyway if Maggie does turn out to be allergic to her; we love them both.

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  1. Seriously, Mabel, I can't believe you published all that about Maggie. Especially the part about "likes to collect rawhide sticks and sit on them". That was supposed to be a family secret.
    Aunt Martha