Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Evil Cat, Millie, Part 2

This is my sister cat, Sam, and Maggie hanging out together in the back yard.
Hi everyone, Mabel here. 
I am back with part 2 of my story about Millie, the evil cat. 
Yesterday, I told you how Evil Cat Millie - AKA "Mama Cat" - was allegedly abandoned with her kitten and found by the stray loving Mama #2. 
Mama #2 had tried to find a new home for the Mama Cat and her evil kitten, but Mama Cat deliberately failed all of her adoption interviews. 
We'll pick up the story right after Mama #2 gives up on finding them a new home. (Harley and I weren't even born yet when this happened; Maggie told us all about it. Maggie is my older stepsister. She's super smart).
Maggie already had a nice cat sister named Sam. She didn't need two Evil Cat Sisters. Maggie loved Sam and Sam loved her. They'd play and even curl up and sleep together.
Mama Cat had no use for Sam.  She never let any human see her mistreat Sam until she knew she had a home. Once she knew she had a real home, she chased Sam, hid and jumped out at Sam, cat punched Sam, and...... well, you get the idea. Poor Sam! Maggie did her best to stand up to the Evil Mama Cat when she picked on Sam.
One day, the Evil Mama Cat decided to hit the road; she decided she wasn't thrilled about living with Sam, Maggie and Katie and her own evil kitten, Agnes. (She didn't really hit the road, it's just an expression). She left. She walked out of the house one day and kept going. (Maggie swears she had absolutely nothing to do with Mama Cat's leaving).
The evil cat walking away. Why oh why did Mama #2 have to ask her to come back?
Mama #2 was sad. She missed her Evil Cat (Why?). She'd walk around outside and call "Mama! Where are you, Mama?" or "Come home, Mama!"
Our neighbors thought she was crazy. Who runs around calling for their Mama like that? Only our dear, crazy, Mama #2.
Mama Cat stayed away for a week. Finally, she realized how good she'd had it: a warm house, good tasty food, her kitten, and Mama #2. So, Mama Cat came back.
After she came back, she needed a new name. After calling Mama Cat for a week, Mama #2 knew she couldn't run around calling "Mama, Mama, Mama" again. Our neighbors already thought she was crazy. So Mama Cat became Millie. And Millie doesn't care who knows how evil she was.
Oh, she still pretends to be nice around Mama #2. She knows the rest of us would throw her back out on the street in an instant (or less).
Why do I call her evil?
1) She is mean to Sam, my oldest cat sister. (I like Sam).
2) She has claws, and she knows how to use them (Ouch!)
3) She gets bigger and fatter by the day. Sometimes, she tries to sit on me or lay on top on me. (She tries to CRUSH me).
4) She eats MY FOOD! 
5) She loves to sleep in my magically heated bed.
6) Sometimes, she licks me. I'm afraid she's really just seeing what I taste like.
And the #1 Evil reason is, She tries to take Mama #2's attention and affection away from me and Harley. I mean, She's thinks she's a Diva.
There's only room for one Diva in this house, and the only Diva allowed is ME. Mabel, that is.
Harley, don't you agree?

 Harley states her honest opinion about the Evil Cat Millie

Harley agrees. And Harley loves everyone.

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