Monday, November 11, 2013

Everyone's Late!

Here I am, waiting for Mama #2 to get up. 
Hi everyone, Mabel here. I want to talk to you today about a very serious problem that's been going on for a full week in my house.
Everyone is late now.
The Mamas get up later every day. They leave in the mornings later. They even come home later every afternoon.
And, they go to sleep later at night, too.
What's going on? 
Harley and I bravely try to shake them out of bed every day. (I really do mean we are being brave; it's risky to wake up Mama #2 before she's ready to wake up!).
Harley specializes in jumping on a Mama; I specialize in sitting on a Mama's chest and staring into her face. Sometimes, I even have to bark a little.
Maggie, she just complains because her breakfast is late. She runs around and barks now and then, telling Mama #1 that it's time for her (our) breakfast. Maggie doesn't like eating breakfast late and neither do I.
Our Mamas are not thinking about us and our poor, hungry stomachs.
I've never experienced anything like this, but Maggie says it's happened before. She reminded me of earlier this year, when the Mamas suddenly were early. They got up early, they left early, they fed us early, and so on. Maggie thinks this lateness may be related to their early spell.
I didn't mind eating early. 
I didn't mind the Mamas coming home early or even going to sleep early 'way back then.
Come to think of it, I don't really mind sleeping later now in the mornings. 
Mama #2 likes to do things to an extreme; it's always all or nothing. 
I think this is her fault.
Could we compromise? Sleep late, but get breakfast on time? Come home early in the afternoons, but stay up late?
That would be OK with me. And with Harley too.
So, could life just go back on it's normal schedule? Get up early, get breakfast on time, etc.?
This is Harley, asking the Mamas to get back on a regular schedule.

Note From Mama #2: Mabel is having problems adjusting to Daylight Savings Time. She really hates jumping an hour forward in the Spring, but usually does OK in the Fall. This year, she just can't seem to adjust---or maybe it's her stomach that can't adjust; Mabel and Harley really, really like to eat. A "late" breakfast is not OK.

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  1. Hey Mabel Ann...have you ever thought about deleting those little lies Mama # 2 writes in little bitty print at the bottom of your posts??
    Aunt Martha