Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Miss Sunsets, aka "Midnight Marching"

I like sunsets.
Sunset is just starting at my favorite park
For a long time now, Mama #2 took Harley and I marching every night at sunset. 
I love being out at sunset.
I can't really see sunsets very well from my backyard. There's too many trees and wires and houses and stuff. I can see clouds,
Clouds, as seen from my (Mabel's) yard.
And, some nights, clouds are nice too.
But, I really like sunsets.
Another sunset at my favorite park
There's just something about all the colors in the sky and the shadows. 
Yes, it's amazing. 
I miss my sunsets.
Since everything moved later in the evening ("time change"), my forced marches are now taken in the dark.
I mean, it's really, really dark.
Something has to change about my evening forced marches.
I don't like marching in the dark! 
I don't like it just like I don't like marching when it's cold (below 65 degrees) or when it's wet (I hate wet grass, wet sidewalks, and wet streets!) or when the wind is blowing (I don't like the wind blowing my ears out of place). 
The wind blowing my ears when I was a young pre-diva. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.

I drag my paws and walk v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y  when it's dark or cold or wet or windy.
I am miserable and I want everyone else to be miserable too.
I'd rather be at home under my magically warm blanket than marching in the dark.
Harley and Maggie don't mind the dark.
Mama #2 puts the neck ropes on them and away they go. If I weren't marching with them, they'd march so fast they'd almost run. And they'd enjoy it.
But, since it gets dark right after Mama #2 comes home, Harley and I have to march with Maggie, my super smart, know it all stepsister, instead of just the two of us.When Mama #2 used to get home earlier in the day, she'd take Maggie marching by herself and then take me and Harley out together.
It's really tough, trying to march in harmony with my sister, Maggie, and Mama #2, especially when I can't see more than a few steps ahead and cars with blindingly bright lights keep driving by.
I hate marching in the dark.
But I love sunsets.
Mama #2, please come home earlier if I'm going to have to march every night. We can go marching at sunset. I promise I won't drag my paws! 
(I reserve the right to change my mind later and maybe drag my paws).

 Another sunset. I didn't get to see this one in person, but I like the picture. Maybe I can go there one day.

Note: Mabel continues to have trouble adjusting to Daylight Savings Time. She really, really hates taking her walks after dark. Unfortunately, it does get dark earlier now, so she doesn't have a choice. If we're going to walk, she has to walk in the dark.
-----Mama #2

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  1. Dear Mabel,
    I know you miss your sunsets, but very soon, walking at night is going to be GREAT...because I know how much you love CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!! Yes, it's that time of year again! I think the people in your neighborhood should leave them up all year for you, but I haven't talked them into that YET...
    lOVE you!
    Aunt Martha