Sunday, November 10, 2013

Open house

Hi All, Mabel here. It's been a tough day.
This is me, Mable, sitting on my comfy couch. As you can see, I'm feeling a little nervous today.
It's been a really, really long, tough day at my house.
Our Good Neighbors (as opposed to our Really Noisy Neighbors) are having an Open House this weekend.
I think "Open House" means, "Everyone come and visit!"
This is what our street looks like:
There are many, many cars parked outside our home.
OK, that's not really a picture of my street, but that's what I think it looks like outside my house.
All day, cars and people coming and going, coming and going. Doors slamming, people talking, laughing, and walking through my front yard.
It's enough to make my poor sister, Harley, feel a little crazy.

 This is my twin sister, Harley, looking and acting a little crazy.
This has been going on for hours and hours. What's a poor dog like Harley with an anxiety disorder to do? (Except feel anxious...).
Even Maggie, my super smart, unemotional, step-sister is a bit rattled with all of the noise outside.

This is Maggie, looking rattled.
And me, your Diva, is just hanging in there. 
Until next time,
Love to all,

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  1. Hi Darling Mabel! What's an open house? What do people do there? Do they open all the doors and windows? Are you going over??
    Do you think there might be food?!? If there's food it might be worth a trip over...
    Love you!! XOXO
    Aunt Martha