Monday, December 30, 2013

A joint letter to our Mamas

Dear Mamas,
We, (Mabel, Harley & Maggie) want to request full access to the extra bedroom anytime you are gone from our home.
Until just yesterday, we could count on peacefully and warmly resting under the down comforter on the spare bed. Then, suddenly this morning, we found ourselves exiled to the cold, hard floor of the dog room. 
We want to protest this totally, unfair and unexpected treatment! And, we might add, we have no idea how your sunglasses [and reading glasses] came to be (slightly) chewed up.
And, we don't know anything about the Tissue box and tissues that were shredded and spread all over the backyard. 
And the book?
Well, I heard Mama #2 say she didn't really like it and she'd had it on her night stand for a very, very long time.....
OK. Harley loves books. What's wrong with that?
If you are looking for someone to blame for these little incidents, we suggest you talk to the cats. 
She just looks guilty, doesn't she?
In the meantime, we expect our full access to the extra bedroom to be granted immediately.
Your Wonderful Diva and her sisters
This is me, Mabel. I'm looking just a little worried. I really want to get back inside and sleep on my favorite comfy bed under my warm down comforter with my both of my sisters.

From Mama #2: Dear Mabel, when you learn how to behave without destroying my stuff, you may be excused from spending your days on the deeply carpeted dog room floor. Remember, this room has your special door to the outside as well as your magically warm blanket? 
When you return to the extra bedroom is up to how you and your sisters behave this week.

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