Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Christmas Card That Wasn't

Hi all, Mabel here. I am laying low right now, because my Mamas think I need to pose for a Christmas Card. You might ask, What's wrong with simply posing for another Diva picture? 
This is not just another simple posed picture.
This is something entirely different.
This Christmas picture of my cousin, Max, gave my Mamas some strange ideas for a Christmas Card.
This is Max, my cousin, wearing an upside down Santa Claus hat.
When Mama #2 saw Max wearing his Santa hat, she got the idea that Maggie, Harley and I should pose for a Christmas Card wearing Santa hats too.
Mama #2 is delusional.
It's just not going to happen.

Here are the Santa Claus hats that the Mamas thought we would wear to pose for the picture.

This is me, Mabel, "posing" in my Santa Claus cap.
The Mamas really, really tried to get me to pose, but this is the best picture they could get of me in that stupid hat.

They had better luck with Maggie. She posed for less than one minute. She does look kind of cute in that hat, doesn't she? (I understand she is trying to figure out how to destroy this picture before anyone sees it. Can you blame her?).

Harley totally refused to wear the hat but she did like it--
that is, she liked how the hat tasted.
Then, before Mama #2 realized what Harley was planning, Harley ran out the back door with her hat.

Now, Harley really did like that hat. Here, she risks getting caught when she stops to taste the pom pom.
This is my sister Harley, not me Mabel, enjoying her Santa Claus hat.

Maggie got into the spirit and took off with her hat, too.

Maggie, stopping to pose with her Santa hat.

As usual, I am not involved in this destruction of property.

This is me, Mabel (the innocent twin on the right) advising Harley to leave the hat and run before she is caught.

How'd that picture get in here?!!

This is me, Mabel, with my sister Maggie, looking the other way when we find an abandoned, destroyed Santa hat in our backyard.

At the end of the day, me and my sisters boldly went back inside and laid on our comfy couch. (I'm the very cute Diva in the middle of the picture, just in case you can't tell me and my twin sister apart). Now that the Santa hats have mysteriously "disappeared," we can safely rest again. 
We are trying very hard to look disappointed that our Mamas won't have a "Santa Paws" Christmas card to send to their friends.

Note from Mama #2: Mabel, I know where you were and I saw what you did.
BTW, I just found some really, really cute Santa Claus caps for next year. There's even a little beard to go with the cap. You and your sisters will look so cute! And we have an entire year to create the perfect picture for next year's card. Aren't you excited Mabel?

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