Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mama #1's Nose

Hi all, Mabel here. I am writing this entry as I lay close by Mama #1. For the past few days, I've been very busy using my Diva nursing skills to help her to return to normal level of health.
This is me, Mabel, as I cuddle beside Mama#1 and attempt help her feel better.
You might ask, what happened that I, Mabel, have the huge responsibility of Mama #1's health in my paws? Well, I'm not really sure what happened.
This is what I do know:
The Mamas left our home early one morning. Both Mamas were healthy when they left.
They returned several hours later. Mama #1 had a HUGE white thing ("Bandage") on her nose. I mean, it covered her entire nose.
Mama #1 did not feel good. She was irritable and didn't even want to talk, cuddle with me, or even watch TV.
Not normal.
Mama #2 tried to help her out. She brought her food and helped her change the "bandage," but Mama #1 did not feel any better.
Harley gently approached her and was finally able to start the healing cuddles. Harley can inch her way in to a lap so that a Mama hardly notices she's there until she's in full lap cuddle position and sound asleep.
Harley, half-asleep in the full-cuddle position
It's quite a talent Haley has.
Anyway, once Harley initiated the Healing Cuddle, I slowly moved over to her side to assist with helping her feel better.
Sometimes a Diva has to put herself aside and concentrate on someone she loves.
I love my Mama #1.
When Mama #1 talked, she didn't sound like she usually does (Mama #2 said her nose was just swollen). And she didn't talk much. She just looked at herself in the mirror a lot and messed with the big white thing on her nose.
She slept on our favorite comfy couch the first night. She slept sitting up, like she'd just fallen asleep watching TV.
Actually, she didn't sleep much. That was OK because she gave me lots and lots and lots of hugs and pets.
On Day 2 of the Big White Bandage, Harley and I put our healing powers into overdrive. We did healing cuddles on her lap and by her side. Maggie tried to help out, but made the mistake of attempting a healing lick on her nose.
This is Maggie after she attempted to Give Mama #1's nose a gentle, healing lick. 
Maggie was banned from Mama #1's side of the couch.
(Maggie said that was OK and she could have Mama #2 all to herself).
It's hard work staying beside a Mama that needs nursing and healing. Harley and I cuddled hard. Harley was in charge of barking at any strange noises, and she performed her job with much passion. I, Mabel, humbly stationed myself on her lap and forced myself to do healing sleep cuddles, treat eating, and occasional barking to keep the cats away.
OK. I did wake her up a few times when I barked and leaned towards my sisters.
But, the cats had no business trying to get involved in making Mama #1 feel better.

The Evil Cat Millie thought she might have healing powers, too.
By Day 3, Mama #1 abandoned the big white bandage. She watched TV. She walked around the house and even left in the car for awhile.
Mama #2 wasn't at home to take of her on Day 3, so Harley and I surrounded her with doggy care. Maggie was even allowed back in her lap. (Mama #1 watched her closely to make sure she didn't try to lick her nose again).
By the end of Day 3 (today), we could tell that our doggy nursing was successful. Although Mama #1 is not well yet, she appears to be getting better each day.
We know it's due to our careful healing cuddles, watchful barking, hearty treat eating, and constant care, even while sleeping.
Here we all, me, Maggie and Harley. We are finally relaxing after 3 full days of full tilt nursing.
Our patient will survive.
What's wrong with Mama #1's nose? We finally asked Mama #2, but didn't understand her answer; Mama #2 said she had a skin cancer removed from her nose and then the doctor "sewed her up" with at least 40 stitches. It looks like her nose was cut open.
I may be a Diva, but I just decided I never want a nose job! I like mine just the way it is!
Love y'all,

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