Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Lights are Gone!

Hi all, Mabel here.
This is me, Mabel. I am feeling sad tonight.
First, I want to say, I was a very, very good Diva in December. I voluntarily went for forced marches almost every night.
I usually don't like marching (Mama #2 calls it "walking." I call it a march because she puts a rope around my neck and forces me to march where ever and when ever she wants. That's not a walk; that's a march).
But, I really, really like the lights that people put up in their yards and on their houses in December. When Mama #2 brings out the neck ropes, I find myself jumping and yipping like a little pup. I want to go see the twinkly lights so badly that I make a fool of myself.
Very un-Diva like behavior.
Now, I don't like to march when it's cold (under 65 degrees).
I don't like to march when it's wet (or damp!) or windy.
I don't like to march on pavement --- unless it's a sidewalk or dirt track.
I totally refuse to march faster than 2.4 mph. I prefer a leisurely speed of 2.0 mph. My sisters like to march at 3.5 mph, so we compromise and march at 2.4 mph (and I drag my paws, 'cuz that's still too fast!).
But in December, when the colorful lights are out, I march faster. I beg to go out every night to look at the lights. I pick the brightest, more colorful streets to march down and refuse to march on dark streets. 
But now, all my lights are gone!
I've watched the lights disappear, house by house, yard by yard. 
Every night, more and more of my favorite twinkly shapes disappeared from yards.
The streets have become darker, darker, darker.
I felt sad. I love my colorful, twinkly lights.
But tonight on my march, I saw only streetlights. 
Even the twinkly shapes in my own yard are gone. The millions of colorful twinkly  lights in my trees are gone, too.
This Diva is very sad.
I had to jump on my twin sister, Harley, just to feel better.
Now, I'm going to crawl under my magically warm blanket on my favorite comfy couch with my sister, Harley and drown my sorrows in a big rawhide chew.
Don't bother me until next December when my twinkly lights come back.
Until then, I'll under my blanket chewing out my sorrows...

hi, this is harley. i'm here comforting my beloved twin sister, mabel. she's sad since her lights are gone. 

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