Friday, January 10, 2014

My Sister, I do love her....

Hi all, Mabel here. I know many of you are concerned about the disagreement (OK. Fight) that my sister Harley and I had yesterday.
This is me, Mabel, reflecting on the horrible fight I had with my twin sister, Harley.
The truth of the matter is....My sister is a bum sometimes.
Sad, but true.
It's hard being a perfect Diva.
It's a burden I must carry.
Harley and I were born just a few seconds apart and I took responsibility for her from that moment on.
I made my Mamas fall in love with Harley so that she could come live with us forever.
Harley would be lost without me and I do love her dearly.
But, back to my story. 
While we were out marching yesterday, Harley did something horrible.
I can't tell you what Harley did. I'd get us both in trouble. My lips are sealed. Not even tasty treats or extra chewy bones will get it out of me.
Maggie, our older sister won't tell either, so don't ask her.
(I'll tell, for the right price).
Anyway, I can say that, by the time our march was over, I was furious with my twin. 
After we arrived at home, we lined up for our chewy bone reward.
Harley snatched mine and ran.
I stifled an urge to run after her and do something I knew I would regret later.
Instead, I sat down and calmly ate Harley's chewy bone. I carefully considered what action to take. I could just forgive her and go on with my evening.
Not this time.
Yes, the combination of the unmentionable action on the march and stealing my chewy bone had to be addressed.
When I approached Harley and told her to apologize, she was defiant.
She actually said she did nothing wrong.
Harley looking defiant.
Well, since I am Lead Pup in charge of myself and Harley (Maggie is only in charge of herself), I had to take action. I calmly told Harley what was wrong and that she needed to apologize.
Harley was in no mood to talk.
Harley snarled at me. She would not listen to reason.
So, in a moment of anger, I disowned her.
I removed her collar and told her she was now under Maggie's protection.
And, that she was no longer my sister.
This is me, Mabel (on the right) disowning my sister Harley.
I know it sounds harsh, but I was really, really mad.
Then, I walked away.
Once I reported what I had done, my faithful followers immediately urged me to reconcile with Harley.
"Kiss and make up," a reader from Kansas City wrote. "Don't go to bed angry," another said. 
I knew in my heart that they were right. After all, I only have one identical twin sister.
I carefully approached Harley and asked if we could talk. She finally agreed.
We talked about many things. And, it wasn't easy. You know how a sister can say things that no one else can tell you? And, sometimes, it's not easy to listen to.
And she said a few things that I may have overreacted to.
This is me, Mabel (on the right), calmly telling Harley I didn't agree with something she said.
But, your Diva kept talking to her and, eventually, Harley and I worked things out.
I am again the Lead Pup in charge of myself and Harley.
Harley apologized for everything.
Harley looking apologetic and a bit scared, since she thought she'd lost me as her sister.
We talked for a long time and worked everything out. It really helped that she apologized for everything and told me I was the best sister anyone could ever have.
I'm so glad she finally realized that.
If I hadn't rescued her and brought her to live with the Mamas with me, there's no telling where she might have wound up. And, who could love her like I (and the Mamas) do?
Who would take care of her when her anxiety sky rockets and she barks for hours without stopping? 
Who would jump on her and calm her down? 
Who would hold her tightly and tell her everything will be OK? (only the Mamas can do that!).
We kissed and made up.

              Here we are, finally laying in the same bed together. Harley still looks a little stunned.
We are best friends and twins again. I even gave her back her collar. 

OK. We might argue again someday, but what sisters don't argue? 
Love y'all,
Your Favorite Diva.

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