Saturday, January 4, 2014


It's now time for the Diva to reveal her resolutions for the New Year.
1) Become more famous
2) Get rich. I would say get richer, but I'm not rich yet. Maybe next year.
3) Avoid getting exiled to the Dog Room. I don't like the Dog Room. I don't want to be locked in the Dog Room. I think it's unfair that my Mamas even think I should stay in the dog room. Maybe I should change this to "eliminate the Dog Room" or "remove the Dog Room from my home."
4) Keep my twin sister, Harley, safe & calm.
5) Remain "Top Pup" in my house. By this I mean, I am in charge of myself and Harley. Maggie can do what ever she wants, as long it doesn't interfere with me and/or Harley.
6) Never eat diet dog food again. NEVER!
7) Occasionally, enjoy a forced march.
8) Always sleep in my most favorite spot at the head of the bed every night.
9) Nap every day on my favorite comfy couch under my magically warm blanket.
10) Always sleep with at least one paw on my beloved, twin sister, Harley.

harley's new year's resolutions
1) bark loud and long whenever I feel like it.
2) let my twin sister, mabel, take good care of me.
3) eat all of the food in all of the food bowls i see.
4) drag mabel behind me when we go on forced marches. (it'd be so much easier if she'd just pick up her paws and march at the speed i want to march at).
5) bark at my cat sisters.
6) bark at anything in the alley behind my house.
7) bark at any noise i hear.
8) be the best barker that i can be.
9) learn to relax once in a while.
10) love my sister, mabel, a little more each day.
11) stay in good with my older sister, maggie.

Maggie's New Year's Resolutions
1) Do not allow Mabel to publish any photo of me on her Facebook page or her blog, unless I have pre-approved the picture.
2) Remain "Top Pup" of the household.
3) Retain my favorite sleeping spot at the head of the bed.
4) Get Harley to move under
my protection.

5) Help Harley to get her anxiety under control and QUIT BARKING all the time!
6) Collect all abandoned rawhides, chewy bones, toys, etc. and hide them so that my sisters cannot find them or destroy them.
7) Go on as many marches as I can.  It's OK with me if Mabel chooses to stay home; that means I can finally march at the pace I want to and not at half-speed while she drags her paws.
8) Place myself beside Mama #2 as often as possible; make sure Mabel is anywhere except beside Mama #2.
9) Never, ever, ever wear a stupid hat. (i.e. no Santa Hat for Christmas Card pictures ever again!).
10) Maintain my lean, mean marching machine figure.

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