Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Birthday Post

Hi All, Mabel Ann here.  I am the Birthday Girl. (At least I was the Birthday Girl last week).

Yes, the Birthday Girl. I am now 2 years old.
You'd never know by looking that I was a day over 1 year.
I had a wonderful Birthday.
I awakened on my Birthday morning next to my identical twin sister, Harley. We were born only a few seconds apart and have together ever since. I don't know what I'd do without her. I'm so glad she was here for my Birthday celebration.
We spent our daylight hours like any other day; sleeping and waiting for the Mamas to come home. 
Once they finally arrived home, it was time to party!

Harley got into the party favors as soon as she could:
This is my twin sister, Harley, playing with our party favors.
No birthday party is complete without games. I chose the game to play; I call it, "Chase the Sister." It is my favorite game. Harley and I have played it all our lives. (I invented the game myself. Aren't I a creative Diva?). We started out on one comfy couch and ran laps around the room, jumping from couch to couch. We ran through the house, up on the beds, then back to the couch. The Mamas usually don't like this game much, but so what? It's my favorite game and it was my Birthday!

 Harley begins the game, Chase the Sister. Harley is the excitable sister on the left. I am the calm sister on the right.

 We had lots of fun, as usual, playing my game. Unfortunately, we did run over Mama #2's computer a couple of times, and put it out of commission for a few days.
Well, accidents can happen when you're having fun, especially when sisters get together.

 Here I am, Mabel, calmly telling Harley that she lost the game. As usual, Harley is arguing that she, not me, actually won.

 This is me, Mabel, looking long suffering, as I wear the stupid birthday hat Mama #2 insisted on buying for the party. Did she wear a hat too? No.

Mama #1 prepared a special birthday treat for us (Harley and I decided to let Maggie celebrate with us. Aren't I a thoughtful Diva?).
This is the can our delicious birthday dinner came from. I highly recommend this to any dachshund looking for a delicious dinner. I am so glad that the Mamas didn't try to sneak any diet food into our celebration.

We had a great time, playing and opening presents. The Mamas do know how to throw a party. At the evening's end, Harley and I were exhausted.
I do have to say that I am grateful that I that I have such a wonderful home, loving Mamas, and, I am even grateful for my older sister, Maggie. Oh, yeah, and the cats.
(I asked Maggie for a picture to post. This is what she gave me: a glamour shot. What a ham!)

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Here's one last picture for you:
This is Harley and me, shortly after we arrived at our home with the Mamas. You can tell just by looking at us that I was going to be a famous Diva one day.

Good night all.
Love you,

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