Sunday, March 23, 2014

Finally! A cure for Harley's anxiety?!

Hi All, Mabel here.
I am so excited!
Mama #2 (aka Mama #1b---promotion!) was on her computer the other night, when, suddenly, she (finally) saw something useful.
She tried to show Mama #1 what was on her computer screen, and Mama #1 pretended to be interested for a few minutes. Then, Mama #2 played some music on her computer.
It was really, really nice music.
Harley stopped barking to listen.
Maggie listened.
Mama #1 listened.
I, of course, listened too.
Mama #2said she'd been reading that certain types of music can calm anxious dogs. She played another sample of the music and watched Harley closely. Harley quickly relaxed and fell asleep.
Harley listening to music.
Mama #1  was impressed and said Mama #2 should get the music for Harley.
I agreed, and so did Maggie.
Maggie liked the music too and said it was really, really peaceful sounding.
Harley just snored when I asked her how she liked it.
Soon, Mama #2 had soothing music playing from her computer. Harley slept the rest of the night, but did wake up for a few minutes to patrol the house and yard.
But she didn't bark!
Not one sound. Nothing.
I swear, this music is magic.
I counted. Harley barked 3 times after the music started. I don't mean 3 bark attack sessions, I mean 3 barks. Total.
This may be too good to be true.
Today, while the Mamas were gone, Harley was back to her normal self; patrolling the yard and barking at anything and everything. Then, Mama #2 came home. When she heard Harley barking, she picked her up and carried her to the couch.
Soon, the music started.
Harley calmed down.
you have to use the right music, mama #2.
For most of the evening, Harley sat or laid on the couch (except for a very, very long march --- I had Mama #1 all to myself for a very long time. After all, marching is bad for your back). When Harley got home, she watched TV or tried to eat Mama #2's computer. Harley's music played quietly from Mama #2's cell phone. Harley laid her head on the phone and listened.
Suddenly, the music changed and became faster and noisier. I didn't like it. Harley started barking and Maggie sat up and looked at Mama #52 (number drop!). It took her a minute, but she changed the music. I looked at Mama #2 and tried to tell her that not just any music will work; it has to be exactly the right music.

You have to play the right music, Mama #2!
Soon, Harley was quietly chewing on her rawhide and Maggie got on the floor to play with her favorite toy.
It was another peaceful evening.
Not one single bark once Mama #2 found the right music.
This music stuff is magical.
Now, is Harley still Harley if she isn't anxious and barking?
Of course she'll still be Harley. And she'll be very, very happy. And quiet. And calm.
Way to go, Mama #1b! (See how Mama #2's number can go up or down depending on how I feel about her at the moment?)

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