Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Harley, the Attack(?) Dog.

Hi all, Mabel here. I'm finally getting back to my blog after an extended absence (due to my back injury).

This is me, Mabel. I'm still recovering from my back injury (and I shouldn't have to go on any forced marches!).
Here's my story:
Maggie, Harley and I were on a forced march. It was cold; it was dark.
I was marching in the Diva position; that is, I was marching directly beside Mama #2 with my shoulder aligned with her hip (exactly as I was taught as a pup). Maggie marched a pup's length ahead of me and Harley, well, Harley marches where ever Harley wants.
Suddenly, Maggie stopped dead in her tracks and held up her paw (Maggie wasn't really dead, it's just an expression). Maggie had a sticker in her paw. 
Mama #2 carefully tucked our leashes under her foot as she bent over to gently pull out the sticker.
Suddenly, we heard very loud barking. I spotted a Captive dog barking at us from behind a nearby barred gate (a captive dog is a dog trapped in a fenced yard. Their Mamas must have locked them out of their house for some reason). 
Harley immediately went on full alert. Her fur and tail stood up straight as she remembered her "Duty to Protect" contract. 
Harley takes her protection duties very seriously.
With Maggie injured, Mama #2 busy treating Maggie, and me, Mabel, still recovering from my back injury, Harley knew it was up to her to protect us from the horrible, barking captive dog.
Harley jerked her leash out from under Mama #2's foot. She ran full speed ahead towards the barred gate where the 100+ pound Captive Dog barked. Harley advanced, barking and snarling with her best fence fighting voice.
Just as she reached the gate, a second 100-pound Captive Dog appeared. He barked and snarled and rattled the gate.
Well, I could tell that Harley almost fainted in mid-stride when she saw the second monster dog. She continued to run full speed ahead, but only because she couldn't stop. When she reached the gate, she barked a couple of times in their big dog faces. Then, she moved about 10 feet away from the gate (putting a solid rock fence between her and the captive dogs) and told those giant dogs off. I mean, she really barked them a piece of her mind.
Harley the hero, poses for a picture.
Mama #2 had just started to march towards Harley when Harley decided her job was done; she'd told those dogs off and done her "Duty to Protect." 
Harley trotted back to meet Mama #2; her head and her tail held high.
Mama #2 made us finish our march, and reported everything Harley did to Mama #1.
Harley knows she is the biggest, baddest attack dog in this household. 
Mama #1 just held her tightly the rest of the evening and talked to her softly. Mama #1 knows how to pamper a pup and Harley didn't bark a single time the rest of the evening.
This is Mabel, signing off for now.

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  1. Mabel, you look FABULOUS! I am so glad you're feeling better. We were all so worried about you (I thought Mama #1 & 2 were going to come unglued. Your doctor had to talk them down off the ledge.). BTW, you have not ever, nor will you ever be "in trouble". Trust me.

    Harley did such a great job protecting! I'm very proud. She would have torn those two dogs up if they hadn't been hiding behind a fence.
    Give Maggie and Harley kisses from me :)

    Love you!!