Saturday, March 1, 2014

Life in the Crate

Hi all, Mabel here. I am recuperating from a painful back injury. You may have already heard about my injury; I visited my doctor yesterday and he quickly diagnosed my problem, then gave me a shot and some meds. He prescribed complete rest for 2 weeks. (No forced marches for me!).
Here I am, Mabel, resting on my comfy blanket by my laptop in my comfy crate.
He told the Mamas to restrict my movements. So, I am restricted to this dreaded  comfy crate (with my own laptop!) whenever they have to leave me alone.
I feel pretty good right now, but I don't like anyone touching my sides. I bow my back when someone touches my sides. I don't feel like moving much either. And I sleep a lot, too. 
The Mamas are carefully monitoring my condition, and, if I start to have any trouble with my back legs, I will be rushed to the ER. Of course, I plan to obey my medical instructions and do everything I can to recover quickly. (at least when anyone is watching me).
Aren't I a good Diva?
How did it happen? Who knows? These things happen sometimes. The Mamas weren't home, so no one saw anything. 
I'll tell what I saw for the right price -- Maggie
So now I spend my days in my comfy crate. I sleep. I write, and I play computer games. 
I am now an expert "Slots" player and have reached the upper levels of that popular candy crushing game.
I plan to finish my book, "The Diva's Wisdom," in a few days and I'll start contacting agents and publishers. I expect a bidding war on the movie rights.
Anyway, Mama #2 has faithfully been snooping through the wonderful get well wishes you've sent. Today, she brought home new marching harnesses---the ones that are comfy vests. She says that maybe we should wear marching harnesses like we used to instead of just collars.
I don't care; I don't have to go marching again for weeks! 
Now, here is my theory on how I hurt my back.
Remember that activity tracker Mama #2 made me wear? The one that told her how many pawsteps I took and when? I think that the tracker must be responsible for my injury. 
I instructed Harley to get rid of the tracker. 
And, being my wonderful twin sister, she took care of it.
My tracker. It doesn't work anymore.
Good Harley.
So, dear fans, here I lay in my cage comfy crate, trying to make the best of the situation. Soon, my Mamas will be home and I will be set free.

And, no marching for me tonight! 
It'll be just me and Mama #1 on our comfy couch. 
I'll get individual pampering and will have the magically warm blanket all to myself.
Thank you for all my get well wishes and prayers. 
I keep you up to date on how I'm doing.
Love y'all,
Your Diva

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  1. OH Mabel, I'm so sorry you're back is hurt :( GET WELL SOON! Don't work too hard on your need your rest. But your hospital room looks very nice, with everything you need...fluffy blanket, computer...the only thing I can't locate is the treats...are you sitting on them?
    I know Harley would love to be in there with you. I <3 you!